Only 12 Days in Springfield: Another broken promise by Quinn

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Governor needs to be in State Capitol more

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady called on Governor Pat Quinn to spend more time in Springfield, in light of recent news reports showing he had only been in our state’s capital city 12 days while spending 70 days in Chicago since his inauguration in January.

“Governor Quinn is following in the footsteps of Rod Blagojevich,” said Brady. “When he became Governor, he promised us that, unlike Blagojevich, he’d live in the Executive Mansion in Springfield. Twelve days just doesn’t cut it.”

Brady said that he understands that the Governor should travel around the state to meet with residents but that ultimately decisions are made in the capitol with legislators from across the state.

“There’s more to Illinois than just Chicago,” Brady said. “This is one of the reasons that the Governor is out of touch with the common-sense concerns of Illinois residents and business owners.”

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