Once jailed Civil Rights minister joins the PCC Broadcast Network

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Rev. Lottie Woods Hall, pastor of The Intercessory Center and host of “The Joy Factor”, aired on radio station WPJM 800 AM in Greenville, South Carolina, will bring her ministry to the PCC Broadcast Network.

Hall, in earlier years, was a part of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama, “Where many young men and women shed blood for the freedom we now appreciate,” said PCC in a press statement. “She was caring, willing to go against the odds for freedom and went to jail for our civil rights. And today, she offers no apologies.”

Hall comes from a family of ministers and fighters who fought alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Rev. Hall now joins the Probation Challenge Broadcast Network with her ministry, “The Intercessory Center,” noted PCC. “She is dedicated to standing in the gap for those in need of prayer and spiritual assistance.

“We invite you to listen, view and support the ministries of those who labor among us in an effort to set the captives free,” PCC further stated.

International PCC Internet Network Broadcasts can be seen and heard at WWW.probationchallenge,org.

Rev. Hall’s “The Joy Factor”, is aired Thurdays at 12 noon on WPJM 800AM in Greenville, S.C., and comments can be mailed to The Intercessory Center, 1298 Pendleton St., Greenville, S.C. 29611. She can also be reached at 1 (864) 295-4470.


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