Nonprofit Gives Away Almost $20K in Scholarships to Black Students in STEM

Nonprofit Gives Away Almost $20K in Scholarships to Black Students in STEM

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Nationwide — Math with EEEs, Inc., a Black-owned non-profit dedicated to empowering African-American students through education and STEM scholarship opportunities, is sponsoring 10 students for the highly sought-after online coding course by Codewithsharen. All in all, the organization has already given away almost $20,000 in scholarships.

Led by Math with EEEs, the organization is working to bridge the gap in STEM education and provide equal opportunities for underrepresented communities to excel in the field.

“It’s crucial for students to continue learning STEM and not just rely on OpenAI like ChatGPT,” said Sharen Eddings, a top computer programmer turned STEM education provider and founder of Codewithsharen. “Without a mastery of the language of code, proper instruction cannot be given to AI like ChatGPT to build a website. Moreover, without the knowledge of web hosting, troubleshooting, maintenance, or cybersecurity, the final product can not be fully utilized. That’s why Math with EEEs, Inc and Codewithsharen have teamed up to impart this essential skill set.”

Designed for students in grades 6 and above, the course teaches coding in a fun, interactive, and easy-to-learn manner.

“Your child will learn the hottest skill in town: coding, also known as STEM in schools,” said Eddings. “We teach kids how to read and write code, then how to use that skill to build websites, and mobile games.”

Coding empowers students to change the world and achieve their dreams. As automation and artificial intelligence rise, coding is becoming increasingly important. It’s a skill that can improve students’ lives and make a difference in others.

“Learning to code can seem intimidating, but it’s fun, easy to learn, and rewarding,” added Eddings. “I’ve built amazing things using code, and I want to share that experience with others.”

Don’t miss this chance to obtain the skills needed for success in the 21st century and join Math with EEEs, Inc. and Codewithsharen in their mission to bridge the STEM education gap and provide equal opportunities. Math with EEEs Inc., is also looking forward to offering scholarships to students in Ghana in the near future. Sign up for the next coding and game development course today and become a coding superhero.

For more information, to enroll, or sponsor a child, visit the organization’s official web site at The next session starts Monday, September 11th to October 7th.

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