New book shows how to leverage organization membership to create community development and wealth building

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St. Louis, MO ( — Community and wealth-building just got a tremendous boost by the release of Gerald Higginbotham and Joyce Coleman’s new book, Collaboration, Teamwork, and Networking. This 2nd edition of the duo’s book is aimed at providing plain talk and an easy-to-follow plan that will help church organizations and any other group that is membership-based turn their organization into a viable community and wealth-building organization, even during tough economic times.

The process is based on The Life Build System, founded by Higginbotham more than 7 years ago. The system is based on a successful cooperative economics model that is enjoying success in Europe and is being replicated in North America. Higginbotham explains that he adjusted the system to accommodate the realities of our African-American communities. Higginbotham has tested the system, with Coleman’s assistance, in numerous communities. In the book, the pair acknowledges the successes, failures, and lessons learned during their pilot programs. “We want our readers to learn from our mistakes,” says Higginbotham.

The book’s readers have high praise. Rev. Sammie Jones, a pastor and well-known personality in St. Louis calls the book “a practical ‘how to’ roadmap that helps us to move from teaching and preaching to doing.” Another reader says “it shakes off the chains of ignorance and catapults you to success through the unity of our collective minds and actions.”

The authors describe the book as “a thoughtful and pragmatic blueprint for those who want to maximize their leverage, resources, and opportunities. It’s the stuff of real 21st Century empowerment; networking for a cause.” The book’s foreword is by George Fraser, well-known author, entrepreneur, and networking expert for Black professionals.

Gerald Higginbotham is a commercial airline pilot, spiritual leader, speaker, and community activist who resides in St. Louis MO. Joyce Coleman is a former airline corporate executive, author (Soul Stirrings), speaker, and consultant in the area of leveraging resources to maximize potential. She lives between St. Louis, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

The book is available at You can also read “inside the book” at Read more about Higginbotham’s work at and about Joyce Coleman at

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