Miller unveils new “Sunshine-on-TIFs” initiative to help taxpayers

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“Sunshine-on-TIFs” will also shine a light on the state’s 1,000 TIF Districts.

Dolton, IL – State Representative David Miller, nominee for Illinois Comptroller, has unveiled a proposal to help taxpayers understand how often-controversial TIF (Tax Increment Financing) districts are being used and what they are costing government. Miller believes TIF money could potentially be used to meet other pressing budget needs.

“The time has come to shine a light on the more than 1,000 TIFs throughout Illinois,” said Miller. “There are millions of dollars at stake, and taxpayers deserve to know whether or not these TIFs are benefiting their community. With more transparency, we can stop TIFs from being unfairly abused to benefit well-connected developers. We can determine if TIF money is better spent elsewhere. We can fight waste, fraud and abuse and restore fiscal responsibility to Illinois.”

Currently, every municipality that has a TIF district must send an annual report to the Illinois Comptroller’s Office after the end of each fiscal year. The Comptroller’s Office stores those reports and lists municipalities that presently have TIF districts.

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