Miller: “Strongly disagrees” with Topinka’s assessment of George Ryan crimes

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David Miller, Democratic nominee for State Comptroller, said he strongly disagrees with Judy Barr Topinka’s calling former Governor George Ryan’s crimes “penny ante”.

“Judy Baar Topinka is wrong to say that the crimes committed by former Governor George Ryan are `penny ante,” said Miller, alluding to Topinka’s August 17th interview on ABC-7 News.

In a prepared statement, Miller said “Perhaps she needs to be reminded that former Governor George Ryan, her longtime political ally, was convicted on all 18 serious charges against him by a federal jury. And perhaps she needs to be reminded that George Ryan was convicted of stifling an investigation into bribes paid for truck driver’s licenses – a crime that led to a van explosion that killed six children.”

“Judy Baar Topinka is wrong to call racketeering, bribery, extortion, money laundering, tax fraud and conspiracy – crimes Ryan was convicted of – ‘penny ante’,” Miller added.

“Corruption has been a bipartisan problem in this state, and we cannot minimize the cost of public corruption at any time – by any party – in Illinois,” said Miller, who helped lead the charge for Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment. “The cost, in public trust, is too high. No public crimes are ‘penny ante’ and the people of Illinois are sick and tired of that kind of politics-as-usual attitude.”

“I’m running for State Comptroller to end the politics of the past and bring new leadership to Illinois.”

“These cases also underscore the need for more transparency – the kind of transparency proposal I am promoting throughout the state this week. We can do better.”

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