Media Reports Predict Gloom and Doom for Democrats but Fail to Focus on Extremist Candidates; Many Backed by the Tea Party Movement

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By Juanita Bratcher

Democrats are getting a good beat-down in the media leading up to the November 2nd Election. Gloom and doom is spinning its wheels up and down the Internet and in the media on a daily basis.

In this Election Year, the media is giving a dim outlook for Democrats running for election or re-election; especially incumbents. That’s because, they report, Americans are “angry” about the economy and the policies of the Obama Administration. But let’s be mindful here…please, no memory loss. When the Obama Administration took over, the economy was already in a dire mess. And the situation cannot be corrected overnight. It took eight years to get us there, and the Obama Administration has only been at the helm of Federal Government a little short of two years.

But while these media reports are giving a grim view of Democrats’ future hold on the U.S. House and numbers in the U.S. Senate – at times pumping out generic polls between Democrats and Republicans – they have failed to fully enlighten voters of the extreme agendas of Tea Party-backed candidates – many of whom are absolute extremists – who spew out incoherent noises in way of their agenda for America, if elected. They are not ready for prime time on the national stage. And they conceal their agendas hoping that they can skip into office albeit their silence. They refuse to answer questions about their agendas for America. And if by chance they unguardedly say something – their thoughts are far over the moon and off the radar screen.

Nonetheless, nothing is over until the FAT LADY sings…until the last vote is counted…and the official results are in.

In an article I wrote a few weeks ago, “Voters Will Get the Last Word on November 2nd; Not the Pollsters”, I questioned polls and pollsters. I still do.

I’ve never been one that fully believed in the results of political polling. Even in this Election Year, I am apprehensive about the overall poll data I have read from various sources. And generic polls are even more questionable. However, I do believe that the data from these polls can sometimes have a resounding effect on public opinion. And that can be a bit eerie.

Pollsters survey a small group of people (who knows who – party affiliation, background, race) and use that data as a determining factor as to how thousands or millions of people – depending on whether it is a local election or a national election – will vote at the polls on Election Day.

So, when we go to the polls to vote on November 2nd or if participating in Early Voting, we must be mindful of our actions – to vote for those candidates whose main agenda is to make America a great country, candidates whose goals are to move this country forward, not backward, and that their motivations and actions are in the best interest of all Americans.

Vote as though our future depends on it…because it does!

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