LIGATT Security International Offers Employment Opportunities for Minorities in the Computer Security Industry

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LIGATT  Security recognizes racism in the technology industry


Atlanta, GA ( — LIGATT Security International, (OTC: LGTT) a cyber security company, is in search to recruit minority blog writers, and web designers, in the computer security field. President and CEO of LIGATT Security International, Gregory Evans, has observed how hard it is for minorities to get the same pay, respect and reconnection in the technology industry. These observations have influenced him to give back by offering career opportunities to qualified persons that apply. By filling these positions, it will display that no matter your color, ethnic background, or age, if the applicant is qualified and has the accurate credentials for the job, they are just as good as anyone else.

“It is funny to me that I have been doing computer security for over 20 years and have been recognized by more TV, radio, newspapers and magazines than any other person in my industry, but my white peers still call me niggers and monkeys,” says Evans. “On one of my videos another security expert wrote ‘they took gold from us, then tennis from us, then they took the Whitehouse, and now they want to take computers from us. Hang the monkey,'” says Evans.

As one of the most renowned computer security experts, Evans has been featured on a number of television, news, and radio shows. Not to mention all of the newspaper and magazines that has featured articles on him as well. Some of these features include Dateline NBC, BET, CNN, Fox LA/Atlanta, USA today, Essence, Black Enterprise, Wells Fargo Business Journal, KABC Radio, Tom Joyner, WBLS Williams, and many more. In addition to all of his features, he has also received many awards as well as affiliations which include; The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, The California Association of Licensed Private Investigators, and the NAACP Humanitarian Award, just to name a few.

With three publicly traded businesses and an overwhelming amount of accomplishments in computer technology, Evans still has not been accepted, nor respected, by his fellow peers. Recently, LIGATT Security published a press release discussing a podcast conducted by Mr. Evans on racism in the computer industry.

Through the publication of this press release, LIGATT hopes to raise the awareness of racism in the technology industry, as well as, set the standard for hiring minorities in businesses such as his own.

African Americans spend over $30 billion a year on technology orienting products or services. It doesn’t matter if it’s a video game, a Blackberry, iPad or a Benz 6.5 with the infra red in the window, it is technology. Most of all, we need to start showing more African Americans that are helping to develop these technologies, and not thinking that the white CEO of that company did it by himself. The same way we have awards shows for the entertainment industry, magazines covering the hair industry, or even the NAACP recognizing compliments by several different industries, and yet no one recognizes the technology industry. Let’s teach our kids how to make that video game and get paid, instead of buying that video game and letting someone else get paid,” comments Evans.

About LIGATT Security International
LSI is the nation’s premier hi-tech security company and recognized as a leader in computer security and cyber-crime investigation. It is a publicly traded company whose mission is to be the nation’s leading provider of hi-tech crime investigations, by protecting their clients against Black Hat Hacking one CPU at a time.

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