Legendary Actor, Musician and Civil Rights Activist Harry Belafonte to appear on “Weekly With Ed Gordon”

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New York, NY (BlackNews.com) — Esteemed journalist Ed Gordon goes beyond the headlines to discuss midterm elections, the war in Afghanistan and civil rights with legendary actor, musician and activist Harry Belafonte on WEEKLY WITH ED GORDON at its new time beginning Sunday, October 24 at 11:00 PM*.

Belafonte, who recently spoke at the One Nation rally in Washington, D.C., talks with Ed Gordon about his views on the current war expressing, “What America seems to have a propensity for – revealing its amnesia for history. And here we are some 47 years later since Dr. King gave that speech – in Washington, D.C., talking about the – the follies of the war. The illegal, immoral, unwinnable war we were experiencing then. And here we are now – these many years later, going through pretty much the same scenario.”

He also expresses his thoughts on civil rights today, “I think citizens have a responsibility to nurture the ever-present – mandate that we protect the rights of a democracy of our nation. And this attitude that has been taken that civil rights is of the past, those of us who came from that time are nothing but – a relic or somewhat – filled with an – antiquity. I daresay that – that’s a little misleading. Civil rights is not a thing of the past. If there is a democracy, there’s always going to be an issue of human rights and civil rights. And it’s very active in the community. And must be nurtured and protected all the time.”

Later, Ed Gordon engages in a roundtable discussion on hot topics from politics to pop culture with actress and activist Victoria Rowell, XM Radio Host and Tea Party advocate David Webb and New York Congressman Gregory Meeks.

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