Lady Jane brings etiquette back to schools

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 Teaches life skills to enhance career success


By Chinta Strausberg


For more than 35-years, Jane Myles, better known as Lady Jane, has been a hair stylist who also teaches youth proper etiquette manners, modeling, social and communication skills she says helps to build integrity and the confidence they need to compete in today’s global market.

Lady Jane, who began her career with Cleo Johnson School of Model and currently owns the Lady Jane Beauty Salon, also heads the JAM Arts Company where she takes her self-esteem program into schools like Paul Robeson, Harlan High Schools and the Saint Sabina Ark program.

Her goal is to teach students the ABC’s of etiquette to improve their professional and personal lives she believes will also make them more employable.

Lady Jane was one of several vendors at the recently held African American Wax Museum exhibit held at the Saint Sabina Ark. She is dedicated to empowering youth to function with confidence by enhancing their social skills she says builds confidence, which increases their success rate.

“I offer modeling and charm classes and deal with pubic speaking, teach table manners, body alignment to let them know the importance of correct body posture,” Lady Jane said.

“We impart basic Christian values that differentiates us from more traditional etiquette classes that provide only formal manners training,” she stated.

“It is very important for students to take etiquette classes because we’ve lost so much manners.” Years ago, public high schools taught home economics, which include a section on etiquette and sewing.

In recent years, former Ald. Billy Ocasio (26th) introduced a bill calling for the restoration of etiquette in the Chicago Public Schools. Ocasio is now a senior advisor to Governor Pat Quinn.

While those self-esteem programs have long been removed from the public school system, Lady Jane is reviving these much-needed courses even though her outreach is limited to just a few schools. She says teaching etiquette is vitally important to the growth and maturity of our youth.

 “In recent years, chivalry has died out, and I think once it is back in the minds of young men, things will turn around,” she said. “Young ladies have to also gain more self- respect and self-esteem,” she said.

Her program opens with frank dialogue coupled with public speaking tips. “They have to tell me something they are thankful for…,” Lady Jane said explaining she tries to plant positive seeds in the minds of her students while encouraging them to bury the negativity in their lives.

Lady Jane teaches her students key points in social etiquette which includes the importance of maintaining eye contact, shaking hands, introducing themselves, show proper respect, common courtesies; helping behaviors; avoiding rude behavior; how to behave in public places; communication skills; proper greeting and introductions; conversation; listening; nonverbal communication; public speaking; telephone etiquette; the importance of saying ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘excuse me.’ She also teaches table manners and modeling techniques.

She also teaches the students personal hygiene and how to carry themselves properly including lowering their skirts. “And, guys are not allowed to wear baggy pants,” she explained.

“The class is not billed for trying to find Tyra Banks’ next top model. We’re trying to build etiquette for their life…language and life skills” so they can become gainfully employed.

Rather, she said her program is a viable solution to the aggression and violence today’s youth are facing. She quoted a figure of more than 80,000 teens nationwide have been charged with criminal offenses in the first nine-months of this year.

She feels the reason is because the youth “are dealing with issues of low self-esteem and failure to learn the difference between right and wrong” two ingredients she says will result in the “consequences that can be devastating.”

“Children with confidence in a social situation handled themselves much better, and deal with others with ease,” she stated. Lady Jane says her class offers youth a change to take another road in life’s journey—the right road that will lead to greater confidence and higher self-esteem.

At the end of her class, there will be a fashion show and a formal dinner where they are not allowed to speak negative thoughts.

Lady Jane allows them to take photo shoots the students can use if they want to pursue modeling.

Her beauty salon, called Lady Jane, located at 1756 W. 89th Street.

Other vendors present at the Saint Sabina Ark Wax Museum event were Marcus Johnson from Marcus Johnson & Accessories, 67th and South Chicago, and Cedric Robinson with Sacred Treasurers and Gifts, who has an online business store at:

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host.

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