Kyrgzstan political journalists visit as part of WorldChicago’s Open World to learn freedom of the press and independent editorial policy

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Chicago, IL -  WorldChicago announced that it is hosting a group of Kyrgyzstan political journalists starting today through Saturday. The group is visiting Chicago to learn practices for developing independent editorial policy in print and online media and editorial independence when faced with political reporting.


The Windy City, named more aptly after politics than weather, has had a Daley mayor for 20 years. The city’s history of politics, coupled with the recent change of Chicago’s mayor, and of international female journalists facing life-threatening situations while performing their roles, has never been more visible.


WorldChicago is pleased to develop a program that gives these journalists best practices for organizing investigations while writing their stories. A big issue for many journalists is searching for sources and working with them to ensure confidentiality while maintaining their personal safety,” said Peggy Parfenoff, WorldChicago executive director. 

Since declaring its independence in 1992, Kyrgyzstan policy changes aimed at a democratic government and a market economy have improved the level of freedom of press. Elena Ageyeva, a 37-year old political columnist with News Media LLC and an editorial board member of the Moskovskiy Komsomolets, said goodbye to her son and husband to pursue the week-long program with four others and to stay with a professional WorldChicago host. The delegates will meet with representatives from Northwestern University‘s Medill School of Journalism, WBEZ, WGN, ABC7 and legal counsel.


Ageyeva is one of more than 800 delegates hosted by WorldChicago each year. “I am honored that the United States Congress chose me as a delegate for WorldChicago‘s OpenWorld program. I intend to learn and bring home with me practices for public and legal support of journalistic investigations and an understanding of the prosecution risks that come with the pursuit of my role and freedom of the press,” noted Ageyeva.


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WorldChicago, founded in 1952, is a 501©3 organization dedicated to citizen diplomacy and funded by U.S. Department of State, USAID, Library of Congress, private programs and individual donations. WorldChicago serves over 800 visiting delegates annually, who support global relationships that enhance Chicago’s and the United States’ image.  For more information or to be a professional host, visit

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