Kirk stays in Washington to vote like Palin

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Republican Congressman didn’t need to share a stage with Sarah Palin to reflect her agenda, contempt for the President (Press Release from Alexi for Illinois campaign)


CHICAGO, IL – Taking Republican Congressman Mark Kirk at his word that the reason he did not attend his party’s Sarah Palin fundraiser last night was because he had votes to cast, the Alexi for Illinois campaign today is expressing its deep regret that Congressman Kirk didn’t change his plans.  His votes on the House floor, as it happens, are far more damaging to the country than any rubber-chicken pow-wow with his party’s former vice presidential nominee would have been.

“In retrospect, it would have been far better for the country had Mark Kirk left Washington to hang out with Sarah Palin in Chicago last night,” Alexi for Illinois spokesman Matt McGrath said.  “Instead, he cast votes to obstruct President Obama’s agenda and against meaningful legislation to promote green jobs and put people back to work. Kirk may not have shared the stage with Palin, but while in Washington, he voted her way. ”

Below are some of the votes Mark Kirk cast yesterday, instead of being seen with Sarah Palin:

Kirk voted against major legislation that invests in modernizing the American manufacturing sector.  The bill would spur American innovation through  clean energy research and development, and strengthen math and science education to prepare students for the good jobs of the 21st century.  [America COMPETES Reauthorization Act, Vote 259; 5/12/10, 2:31pm]

Kirk voted with the Republican minority when they attempted to kill a loan guarantee program for small businesses.  The guarantees are aimed at helping manufacturers invest in innovative technologies and local economic development around innovation clusters.  [Vote 263; 5/12/10, 6:04pm]

Kirk voted against a proposal to develop a consortium of universities, national labs, and the private sector to develop clean energy technologies. [Vote 264; 5/12/10, 6:17pm]

Kirk voted against an amendment to ensure that universities are complying with their agreements with labor unions.  [Vote 265; 5/12/10, 6:23pm]


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