Kirk Campaign responds to Giannoulias subpoena in Blagojevich corruption trial

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 Statement by Kirk spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski:     

“Today’s news developments further emphasize the troubling pattern that has emerged concerning Alexi Giannoulias.  As state treasurer, Giannoulias lost more than $70 million in Bright Start college savings funds and his family’s bank cost the FDIC nearly $400 million in losses. Now we’ve learned Giannoulias’ name has come up on federal wire taps talking about the Illinois Senate seat and he has been subpoenaed in former and disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich’s public corruption trial. This revelation raises additional questions about Alexi Giannoulias that he needs to answer.” 

Key Questions for Alexi Giannoulias


1.      When did Alexi Giannoulias receive his subpoena notice?

2.      What did Alexi hear and say during the meeting he brokered between Tom Balanoff and Valerie Jarrett?

3.      Alexi Giannoulias claims Tom Balanoff “reached out to me to get in touch with Valerie; he did not know how to get ahold of her.”  Why would Tom Balanoff need Alexi Giannoulias to reach Valerie Jarrett if Balanoff had a direct line to the President-elect 

4.      What day did Tom Balanoff call Alexi Giannoulias?

 5.      What day did Alexi Giannoulias, Tom Balanoff and Valerie Jarrett hold a meeting?

6.      Does Tom Balanoff agree with Alexi Giannoulias’ version of events?

7.      Why did Alexi Giannoulias previously claim that the Blagojevich staff reached out to him regarding his possible appointment to the U.S. Senate seat when in fact he had called John Harris and brokered a meeting between Tom Balanoff and Valerie Jarrett?

8.      Why did Alexi Giannoulias make no mention of his subpoena or his meeting with Balanoff when reporters first asked him about a wiretap conversation in which Blagojevich Chief of Staff John Harris tells Rod Blagojevich that Giannoulias had called?

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