Israeli Drone War Expert to Illustrate Ties between Gaza Atrocities, Obama Administration Killings, say Activists

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CHICAGO, IL – Area anti-war activists say a Chicago lecture on Monday by an Israeli legal theorist who has helped provide the justifications for  “targeted killing” programs like the one pursued by the Obama Administration, illustrates a clear tie between Israeli atrocities in Gaza and the U.S. drone killing program.

Entitled “Legitimate Target: A Criteria Based Approach to Targeted Killing,”  the talk by Amos Guiora at the University of Chicago is expected to lay out a formula developed and used countless times by the Israeli government before ultimately being adopted by the Bush and Obama administrations.

The lecture will be held today, Monday, February 25, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., at 1414 East 59th St., in Chicago.

“When Guiora was Israel’s Legal Advisor for the Gaza Strip, he said Palestinians killed and injured are ‘legitimate targets,’” said Hatem Abudayyeh of the United States Palestinian Community Network.  “Guiora’s use of words like “collateral damage” and “legitimate targets” has now been adopted by the U.S. to cover the thousands massacred by extrajudicial U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen.”

As the calls for the release of the secret legal memo justifying the Obama Administration’s targeted drone killing program increase nationwide, Chicago-area activists say the legal essentials of the Administration policy are being laid clear for all to see in the lecture by the Israeli expert.

“As another Israeli legal advisor, Daniel Reisner, has said, ‘International law progresses through violations,” said Kait McIntyre, protest organizer with the Anti-War Committee of Chicago.   “According to Reisner, ‘[Israel] invented the targeted assassination thesis and [Israel] had to push it. Eight years later it is in the center of the bounds of legitimacy.’

The Anti-War Committee of Chicago and the United States Palestinian Community Network, together with a coalition of anti-war and solidarity groups, will hold a protest at the University of Chicago’s International House against Amos Guiora’s talk, beginning with at 6:00 press conference in front of 1414 E. 59th Street.


For more information:

Kait McIntyre, Anti-War Committee, 815-988-8631

Joe Iosbaker, Anti-War Committee, 773-301-0109

Hatem Abudayyeh, United States Palestinian Community Network, 773-301-4108

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