In a Remarkable Collaboration, Entrepreneurs’ App Helps Inventors Protect Their Ideas

Black Entrepreneurs' App Helps Inventors Protect Their Ideas

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Nationwide – In a remarkable collaboration of talent and friendship, John Miller and Darcell Walker, both African American professionals, have combined their expertise to introduce Huemind, a groundbreaking app empowering individuals to protect and develop their ideas for commercial products.

The story of Huemind traces back to the fortuitous meeting of Miller and Walker during their tenure at IBM, where Miller’s prowess as a software developer intersected with Walker’s role as an intellectual property attorney tasked with writing patent applications. Their shared passion for innovation and determination to demystify the complexities surrounding idea protection laid the foundation for their groundbreaking venture.

John Miller, a distinguished figure in software development, brings over three decades of experience and a track record of success to Huemind. With a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Boston University, Miller’s expertise extends far beyond conventional boundaries. As the founder of AppProved Software Corporation, Miller has spearheaded numerous innovative projects and holds over 20 United States patents, underscoring his commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. “I am thrilled to embark on this journey with Darcell, a trusted friend and a visionary in the realm of intellectual property,” said John. “With Huemind, we aspire to empower individuals from all walks of life to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and confidently safeguard their ideas.”

Darcell Walker, a luminary, with over 30 years of experience in intellectual property law, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Huemind. As an HBCU graduate holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Prairie View A&M University and UCLA, respectively, Walker’s unique background underscores his multifaceted approach to innovation. Additionally, with a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law and a master’s in divinity degree from Southern Methodist University, along with authoring two books – ‘Godly Ideas – Developing and Protecting God-Given Ideas’ and ‘Divine Directions for Deliverance from Debt’ – Walker’s holistic perspective transcends traditional boundaries, positioning him as a beacon of guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Huemind is an interactive program that teaches the user about the various intellectual property protections for an idea while guiding the user to the optimal form of protection for their idea. This interactive app uses responses from queries to gain general information about the user’s idea. After the queries, the app displays the best idea protection(s) to the user. Each display of protection(s) also comes with a comprehensive explanation of the type of protection(s) for the idea. After explaining the optimal idea protection, Huemind provides resource information, “The Starter Kit,” that describes the product development process and initial actions to take when one has an idea for a new product. Other topics covered include requirements, processes, and costs for obtaining a patent, copyright, trademark, or trade secret. This information will help an individual start the journey of turning an idea into a product that can benefit society.

“Huemind embodies our shared vision of fostering a culture of innovation and empowerment within communities,” said Darcell. “Through our app, we seek to provide individuals with the tools and resources needed to navigate the intricate landscape of idea protection and development, regardless of their background or expertise.”

Huemind represents a transformative milestone in intellectual property protection and management.

By leveraging the collective expertise of two industry trailblazers, the app aims to democratize access to idea protection and development resources, thereby paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial landscape.

Huemind is now available for download on the App Store, marking a significant milestone in empowering individuals to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations.

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