Illinois Republican Party Pat Brady’s statement on One-Year Anniversary of “ObamaCare” passage

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Chicago, IL – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady issued the following statement regarding the one-year anniversary of the passage of ObamaCare by the U.S. Congress:


“One year after the passage of ObamaCare, a majority of Americans still oppose the legislation and in fact favor repeal of the law.  President Obama and the then-controlled Democrat Congress pushed through the legislation without the support of the American public, and the past year has done nothing to change the minds of Americans, despite a major public relations effort from the White House.  The problem for them is, the facts don’t lie.


“Health care costs have not been reduced, and in fact are on the rise for the consumer.  Also, national healthcare spending is now projected to rise by almost 10 percent by 2014, up from the projected 6.6 percent projection before the legislation was passed.  Insurance premiums are on the rise – and coupled with out-of-pocket costs they are expected to increase by 12.4 percent in 2011.  The legislation is responsible for over $570 billion in tax hikes, and will add over $500 billion to our national debt.


“So I ask President Obama and the Democrats in Congress: How has this legislation benefited Americans?  It is no wonder that Democrat Congressmen across America were voted out of office last November.  Here in Illinois, 5 new Republican congressmen were elected to office, and all of them ran against ObamaCare.


“ObamaCare wasn’t popular when it was proposed, when it passed, or one year later.  It has also proven to be bad for the patient, bad for the provider, and very bad for the economy. It is a prime example of President Obama overreaching and pushing through his agenda against the will of the American public.”


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