House Passing of Health Reform legislation “A historic step forward”

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Statement by Jim Duffett

Executive Director, Campaign for Better Health Care


This evening in Washington DC, a majority of Congress did what they were sent to Washington to do – to solve problems for the common good of the people they represent in the United States of America.

The American people fully understand that health care is the key to economic security and opportunity.  Today, the House of Representatives took a historic step towards ensuring that economic security and opportunity remain fundamental building blocks for America.

The reform package passed by the House of Representatives moves our country in the right direction by providing peace of mind for Americans, eliminating the immoral practices of the insurance industry, making insurance more affordable, and beginning to put the brakes on cost increases.

In defending the status quo, the opponents of health care reform continue to advocate in favor of insurance industry interests over those of the American people.  They are embracing and voting for the same policies of deregulation in health insurance as they did for the financial sector, which has resulted in the worst economic recession in the United States since the Great Depression. 

The GOP’s proposed alternative to health reform would make the current untenable situation even worse for the majority of those it affects.  Under their proposal, the number of uninsured Americans would balloon to 54 million.  Instead of creating a solution for the common good, their health care plan would have even more Americans beholden to the insurance industry than ever before.  In whose interests are they really working?

We urge those members of Congress who voted on the side of the American people to make sure the House proposal that they have just supported is not weakened.  A public option with an opt out is unacceptable.  We are one country and no American’s health care should be dictated by the whims of the politicians in their state.

Editor’s Note: The measure passed 220-215, with one lone Republican voting with Democrats – Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao (Louisiana).

About the Campaign for Better Health Care

We believe that accessible, affordable, quality health care is a basic human right for all people.  The Campaign for Better Health Care is the state’s largest coalition representing over 300 diverse organizations, organizing to help create and advocate for an accessible, quality health care system for all.  For more information, visit

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