God is right, somebody’s wrong

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Probation Challenge Celebrates 30th Year Anniversary: by Rev. Harold Bailey 


Since the inception of the Probation Challenge concept in January 1979, I’ve had more than mere opposition to the program’s worth. I’ve had physical threats made on my life for seeking to educate young men and women filtering through the criminal just-us system.


Over the years, resistance to education via the Probation Challenge program has caused me to do a lot of soul-researching, which led me to research this matter spiritually. And I know that God is right – and somebody is wrong!


In a far different era, I am reminded that opposition to some folks getting an education was a no-no…well, things of old have remained the same.  Opposition has not always come from Whites, but from those Blacks who pretend to be in favor of, but behind closed doors they seek to castrate those who truly seek un-restricted education for all concerned.

I was the recipient of, and learned tons of information from the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham, whose courtroom I was allowed to bring about constructive educational change for ex-offenders. Pincham was not only a judge, but he was an instructor who passed on information 24/7… to those who diligently sought to learn the truth. On many occasions, Pincham suggested that I go back to the history books. And in doing so, I walked away knowing that the more things change – the more they stay the same. That was also the thinking of Judge Pincham, my friend and mentor.


It is hard to believe that 30-years have passed and thousands of youth have passed through our doors. Many have gone on to colleges and universities as a result of the Probation Challenge program. Then, too, I’ve grown older and wiser. I still see the things of old and its ugly head of resistance to education continue to surfaces in many different forms.


I encourage youth and elders alike to not be deterred by the faces of men, but resist the temptation of crime that has been set-forth in front of us by design.  We can alter the plans of the enemy by becoming more aware to those things that matter most …education brings about awareness.


As Probation Challenge celebrates its 30-year anniversary, we invite you to join us Friday, August 21, 2009, at the Double Tree Hotel, 5000 West 127th Street, at 7:00 PM. We’ll have an array of dynamic talent when our noted “Show of Shows” entertainment takes to the stage, along with a full course dinner and our awards presentation. Tickets are $50 Per Person with Free Parking.

For reservation and information call: 773-978-3706.

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