Giannoulias Releases Statement on Latest Unemployment Figures

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Accuses Congressman Mark Kirk of Continued Obstruction on Illinois’ Economic Recovery

CHICAGO, IL – U.S. Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias released the following statement in response to the unemployment figures released today and to Republican Congressman Mark Kirk’s continued opposition to economic recovery efforts, which include his vote yesterday against the HIRE act, a jobs bill that passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support:

“Today’s unemployment numbers provided another sign that the economic recession has hit bottom, but that a strong recovery remains elusive.  Nearly every economist agrees that now is not the time to halt efforts to stimulate the economy.  After the small jobs bill passed the House yesterday, the Senate should immediately get back to work and pass an extension of unemployment insurance that will help thousands of Illinois families and more tax breaks for small businesses that start hiring again.

“I urge Mark Kirk to stop standing in the way of sensible, targeted efforts to promote an economic recovery and get Americans back to work. Unfortunately, we should not be surprised at his opposition, as Mark Kirk has said that unemployment isn’t a big issue. He voted against the HIRE Act that passed the House yesterday with bipartisan support, and against the Recovery Act that has created or saved more than one million jobs.  The only constituency that received a stimulus from Mark Kirk is the Wall Street corporations that landed a $700 billion bailout with no strings attached.”

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