Giannoulias: Kirk support policies that encourage corporations to ship jobs overseas

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Says Mark Kirk’s answer for American jobs being shipped to China: Let’s do more of the same


Chicago, IL – U.S. Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias responded to Congressman Kirk’s “ridiculous accusation” that Alexi is trying to start a trade war.

“If there was any doubt that Congressman Kirk isn’t out of touch with what Illinois families are facing, it was put to rest yesterday when he reaffirmed his support for policies that encourage corporations to ship jobs overseas, particularly to China. While Congressman Kirk is trying to stoke fears of a new trade war, the rest of us understand that we already are competing with China in the race to innovate, and that it is no coincidence that Illinois jobs are disappearing at the same time the Chinese are manipulating their currency and cheating on trade agreements, including illegally subsidizing their clean energy industry,” said Giannoulias.

“That is why I support a comprehensive trade policy that encourages fair trade that benefits both nations, not the one-sided arrangement that Congressman Kirk prefers.  This starts with closing tax loopholes that encourage outsourcing of American jobs, and holding the Chinese government accountable to live up to our trade agreements. For the United States and China to have a mutually beneficial relationship going forward, it can no longer come at the expense of American jobs. And that is exactly what Congressman Kirk, the same man who said unemployment wasn’t ‘a big issue,’ doesn’t seem to understand.”

Just this week, the United Steelworkers filed a case with the U.S. Trade Representative detailing China’s illegal subsidization of clean energy equipment. The WTO has ruled against China on these issues in the past, and Giannoulias strongly supports the renewed effort to hold China accountable and restore some fairness to international trade.

Giannoulias believes that as the United States emerges from the recession, policies enacted today must set a solid foundation for the economic growth of tomorrow. In his Future Works plan, which can be read in full at, he details his comprehensive plan to turn Illinois’ economy around in part by investing now in the clean energy jobs of tomorrow. These are good-paying positions that can’t be outsourced and that modernize the country’s energy policy and creates jobs.


Kirk voted six times to protect loopholes that reward corporations that ship American jobs overseas:


  • Kirk voted to give benefits to corporations that locate offshore to dodge U.S. taxes. [HR4520, Vote 258, 6/17/04]


  • Kirk voted against prohibiting corporate inversion. [HR4931, Vote 247, 6/21/02]


  • In May 2010, Kirk voted against HR4213-the American Jobs, Closing Tax Loopholes and Preventing Outsourcing Act, which would extend unemployment benefits and Recovery Act provisions and close loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. [HR4213, Vote 324, 5/28/10]


  • Kirk voted against penalizing companies that lay off a greater percentage of their U.S. workers than workers overseas. [HR2871, Vote 120, 5/1/02]


  • Kirk voted to give billions in tax breaks to financial corporations that have overseas operations. [HR3529, Vote 509, 12/19/01]


  • Kirk voted against a bill that would save 5700 jobs for teachers, funded in part by closing tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. [HR1586, Vote 518, 8/10/10]


Kirk voted against providing extra assistance to individuals who have lost their jobs to outsourcing. [HR27, Vote 47, 3/2/05]

Kirk voted against legislation to crack down on China’s unfair trade practices and currency manipulation. Kirk defended his vote, calling the legislation “gratuitous.” [HR3283, Vote 437, 7/27/05; National Journal’s Congress Daily, 7/27/05]

Kirk voted against requiring an investigation of China’s currency practices. [HR3283, Vote 436, 7/27/05]


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