“Fuzzy”, “Gibberish”, “Stupid Talk”

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“Hispanic polls, Hispanic surveys, indicate that Hispanics think just like everyone else. We’re not like African-Americans. We think just like everybody else…”

Manny Miranda, Chairman of the

Third Branch Conference

Is it “fuzzy” talk or stupid talk? Miranda, how do African-Americans think? Are you an authority on how African-Americans think? How does “everybody else” think? Bet you’d have a problem answering those questions, don’t you think? I rev it up to stupid talk.

“If al-Qaida wants to demolish the America we know and love, they’d better hurry because (President Barack) Obama is beating them to it. He wants to impose his values on America.”

Rush Limbaugh, Radio Talk Show Host,

in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox


Will he ever run out of “mean-spirited” and “make no sense talk?” Probably not…I don’t believe that will ever happen. It’s what he does best.

“We are becoming a weak nation…Republicans need to find their way back to power to free the nation from this (President Barack) Obama oppression.”

“(President) Obama really thinks he is a soft-spoken Julius Caesar. He think he’s going to conquer the world with his soft-spoken sweet talk and really think he’s going to bring all of the enemies of the world into a little playground, where they’ll swing each other back and forth.”

Actor Jon Voight

Comments made at the Republican

Congressional Fundraiser at the

Washington Convention Center, 6/8/09

Voight also called President Obama a “false Prophet” and said everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.

Perhaps, Jon Voight, you’re living in “la la land,” in a world of make believe, and not in the real world of reality. Obama hasn’t been president 200 days yet. Where were you for the past eight years when America got itself into this mess that Obama is now trying to get us out of? Perhaps you should stick with acting and stay away from the real issues of the day.

“I am not a citizen of the world. I think the entire concept is intellectual nonsense and stunningly dangerous.”

Newt Gingrich

Comments made at the Republican

Fundraiser in Washington, D.C., 6/8/09

Obviously, Gingrich was taking a jab at President Barack Obama’s global popularity. Reportedly, former President Ronald Reagan made similar remarks about being a world citizen.

Mr. Gingrich, President Obama’s popularity with Americans is at 59.5 %. What’s yours? Probably not even half that amount. And globally, it’s probably at the bottom of the pit – much less than in America.

Did your comments stem from jealousy? My prediction: You’ll never be president of these United States of America. So maybe it’s time for you to start campaigning for another job.

If you’ve heard any Fuzzy, Gibberish or Stupid talk by public officials, elected officials, or celebrities, send comments made, the person who made the comments, and when and where the comments were made.

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