Free Land Available for Diaspora’s in Asebu, Ghana?

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Ghana’s “Year of Return” in 2019, hosted by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo inspired Chief Okatakyi Dr Amanfi VII of Asebu, Ghana to allocate 5000 acres of raw land to diasporas of African descent at no cost, other than a transferring fee of $1200 USD. This shared land is known as “Pan African Village.” The land is provided for building homes, commercial industry and businesses which many diasporas there are currently doing. Phase one of the project has already been leased out. Phase two is moving forward.

The land is made available to diasporas only. They must meet qualifications determined by the completion of an application, background check, and payment of $1200 for administration fees only per 80 x 100 ft plot. One person can acquire up to two. Keep in mind, it was $700 per plot during phase one so the current price is subject to change.

After paying the aforementioned administration fee(s) to process and acquire indenture(s)/deed(s) for lot(s), owners have up to two years to build something on the lots. During the interim, it is suggested that owners have their lots cleared and fenced in to secure their location.

We’ve been following several PAV social media channels for the past couple of years, and the landowners seem very pleased. One US couple has been made King & Queen Chief of Development in Ohiaba Village, Ghana, near Asebu. Want to check it out first hand before making a decision, stay in the village at one of many AirBnB recently built there by diasporas?  For more information about Asebu Pan African Village, check out their website


Note: Non-Ghanaians cannot own land in Ghana. They can lease the land for 50-55 years with a chance to renew their deeds at the end of the lease. If they become citizens of Ghana, they can extend that lease up to 99 years. It is suggested that lessees have an attorney work out the conditions for the end of the lease ahead of time with the cost for renewal after said years.


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