Former Heavy Equipment Operator Turned Entrepreneur Develops Patented, FDA-Approved Back Support Belt

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Nationwide ( — Glenn Gordon has experienced some serious back problems after leaving the military. He was a heavy equipment operator and crane operator/ instructor in the 1970s and 80s during his more than 15 years in the U.S. Army. The VA hospital gave Glenn several back-support belts and extremely high dosages of pain killer pills that he says did not help his pain at all. So, five years ago, Glenn decided to create We Gotcha Back – a patented back support belt, and to his surprise, the product he created compressed his body so well that it took him off pain killers completely.

While in the Army, Glenn spent years riding rough terrain heavy equipment and marching many miles to ranges. He also jumped off many high platforms with heavy gear on his back – all of which ended up destroying his back and causing him to develop degenerative bone Now, as an older man, Glenn suffers from constant lower back pain and sore hips.

However, his invention has changed everything. He comments, “Anytime you can manage pain without drugs is great for the body. I am not cured, but I can definitely now manage the pain without drugs.”

Helping people all over the country

We Gotcha Back, which is now FDA/CE Approved, is also helping many others. In fact, chiropractors from all over the country are purchasing his lumbar compression support belts through their client’s insurance companies for their clients.

Both chiropractors and customers have shared with Glenn that his products, although not a cure, have successfully helped many who are suffering from sciatic nerve problems, herniated disc, scoliosis, arthritis, lower back problems, sore hips, etc. They are experiencing a lot less pain when wearing the product, and many have even reported that they are able to sleep better with so much comfort.

Glenn’s goal is to continue helping people throughout the U.S., but also to help as many people as possible worldwide in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc., to get off those extremely dangerous drugs they are taking for pain.

He is also promoting We Gotcha Back to first police departments, responders, and medics as it also doubles as a tourniquet that can help stop or slow down rapid bleeding caused by car accidents.

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