Five Incentives Approved by Cook County Board Designed to Grow Vital Communities

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Cook County Commissioners approved five proposals from President Toni Preckwinkle’s Bureau of Economic Development (BED) that will provide tax incentives to businesses in Cook County.

The incentives, designed to promote economic growth, were approved in the following communities:  Arlington Heights, Chicago Heights, Schaumburg, South Chicago Heights, Wheeling.

“Our tax incentive tools are used to either keep or expand businesses in Cook County,” Preckwinkle said.  “The companies receiving these incentives, designated for either industrial or commercial use, have demonstrated their commitment to helping us grow vital communities.”

Details on the incentives follow, listed by municipality:

Applicant: Witron Integrated Logistics, Inc., 722 Ventura Drive, Arlington Heights

Property Use: Industrial

Description: The applicant owns this site and is expanding at this location.

Description: Witron Integrated specializes in the planning and realization of highly automated warehouse and picking systems in intralogistics will occupy the site to expand their ability to warehouse and build cabinet assemblies and to ship equipment from the site.

Type of Incentive: 6b
Applicant: Complete Construction Resources, 450 Dixie Highway, Chicago Heights

Property Use: Commercial-retail space

Description: The applicant is rehabbing the vacant portion of the building (85%) which is currently a two-tenant building into a four (4) tenant building.

Type of Incentive: Class 8
Applicant: Galaxy Underground, Inc., 1075 Morse Avenue, Schaumburg

Property Use: Industrial

Description: The applicant will occupy the site as a sewer and water construction and installation company.

Type of Incentive: Class 6b

Applicant: Wilkins Truck Sales, 3280 East End Avenue, South Chicago Heights

Property Use: Industrial

Description: Truck sale, light mechanic-refurbish of hand-selected vehicles medium/heavy trucks; & industrial equipment for resale employment

Type of Incentive: Class 8 TEERM
Applicant Name: 160 Marquardt LLC, 160 Marquardt Drive, Wheeling

Property Use: Industrial

Description: Edge One Medical Inc, a related entity, will occupy the site for testing, developing manufacturing, consulting, warehousing, and distribution of products used in the medical device ad pharmaceutical industries.

Type of Incentive: Class 6b

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