Figueroa, former assessor candidate endorses Berrios

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Chicago, IL – Ray Figueroa, who ran in the February 2010 Democratic Primary, announced his endorsement of Joe Berrios for Cook County Assessor in the upcoming General Election.

 “Joe Berrios is the duly elected nominee of the Democratic Party, and the overwhelming choice of the Latino community in Cook County,” said Figueroa, a former Cook County judge and Chicago alderman. “I am supporting him in the November 2nd election, and encourage others to do the same.”

 Figueroa, a reformer, ran against Berrios and Robert Shaw, a former Cook County Board of Review Commissioner, in the February election. He was endorsed by the Chicago Sun-Times in that race, which was won by Berrios, also a Board of Review commissioner.

 “The political landscape has grown increasingly hostile to the aspirations of Latino immigrants,” Figueroa said. “The candidacy of Commissioner Berrios reaffirms the Democratic Party’s steadfast commitment to politics of inclusion.”

 Figueroa also criticized Claypool for failing to cast a ballot in the February 2010 election.

 “How can we rely on a public official to protect our right to vote when he fails to exercise his own? While Mr. Claypool stands on the sidelines, Commissioner Berrios is a trailblazer for Latino empowerment,” Figueroa said.

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