Educators Are Using Blackhistory.Com To Teach Students What Textbooks Leave Out

Educators Are Using Blackhistory.Com To Teach Students What Textbooks Leave Out

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Nationwide ( — Textbooks are failing public schools, community colleges, and universities when it comes to African American history. Therefore, many teachers and professors are teaching their students from credible web sites like that reveal little-known facts about Black culture, inventions, and more.

The web site was launched more than two years ago and adds weekly content that surpasses the fundamentals that are covered in most schools across the country. Sadly, most curriculums for Black history are just basic lessons about the likes of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Malcolm X.

Because of this, many students never really get to learn about the in-depth topics that accurately cover the facts about people of African descent.

Here are just a few topics that the web site covers:

The Real Betty Boop Was a Black Woman… Before She Was Whitewashed!

There Was a Black Passenger on the Titanic When it Sank in 1912 — But He Did Not Survive!

Black People Invented Memorial Day

The First 6 African Americans Who Escaped Slavery and Became Millionaires

Black People Founded the City of Los Angeles

A Black Man Founded the City of Chicago

Dante Lee, the creator of the web site, says that the articles they publish are accurate and verified from credible sources. He comments, “It’s a free online tool for teachers and professors to use in addition to the books that are already being used in the classroom. Every educator around the world should implement our articles into their lesson plans.”

Researchers, historians, and authors can contribute content by submitting their articles for consideration to

Educators who are interested in using the content can print and/or share the articles electronically by visiting

For press inquiries, contact 614-595-6063 or


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