CopyLine Magazine is global; polling thousands of comments daily from the USA and 78 other countries

Share with: is global! Through our calculation, visitors to CopyLine’s website reside in the U.S.A. and 78 other countries. They have posted about 450,000 queries and comments since CopyLine’s online inception more than two years ago.

“The World Wide Web has taken us to new heights around the globe,” said Juanita Bratcher, Journalist, Author, Poet, Songwriter, and Publisher of and several books. “People are reading and commenting on hundreds of articles posted on our site. We’re proud to be global, and we are encouraged by the strides we’ve made in such a short period of time.

“We’re also pleased and excited with the results, and we look forward to adding more articles and expanding our site. Our foremost effort is to make sure that news, commentary and entertainment articles are informative and reader friendly to all our visitors,” Bratcher added. “They come, they read, they leave for the day, and they come back again another day. Many say they visit the site on a daily basis looking for new articles.

“CopyLine’s articles are posted across the web – links to CopyLine website are posted on other websites and many have requested to reprint our articles on their websites. We also receive many press releases that find their way onto our site if we believe that in some way the subject matter will shed light or understanding of issues to our readership.”

Bratcher said she is delighted to get feedback from thousands of visitors to her website through comments left on a wide-range of issues. “And we are certain, after being told over and over again by many of our website visitors that they would inform others about the site, we are aware that they played a role in our success. Many have told us that they posted our site on their social network pages. And frankly speaking, not once has CopyLine advertised the site; it has all come through word of mouth – visitors to the site informing friends, families and their various social networks.

“Most of the time you can bet on getting the truth from visitors who visit our website, but there’s always that few that will try to get under your skin, which bounces off like water on repellant to me,” said Bratcher, noting that after being a Reporter/Journalist/Publisher for more than 35 years, “hardly anything surprises anymore.

Bratcher added: “But more than anything else, we are looking forward to expanding an already large content site for our visitors and will continue in our efforts to make it more reader friendly and informative.”

CopyLine made its debut almost 21 years ago (Print copy, November 1990) and started online more than two years ago.

Bratcher is the author of six books and more than 600 poems. While has hundreds of articles posted, Bratcher’s Blog, also has many articles posted.

Comments polled from countries/and or other languages to are as follows:

  1. 1. Algeria
  2. 2. Australia
  3. 3. Arabic
  4. 4. Alaska
  5. 5. Argentine
  6. 6. Athens
  7. 7. Asia
  8. 8. Bavaria
  9. 9. Belgium

10. Budapest

11. Bulgarian

12. Brazilian

13. Berlin

14. Bahamas

15. Canada

16. Costa Rica

17. Czech

18. Chinese

19. Croatian

20. Cuba

21. Cambodia

22. Dutch

23. Danish

24. Denmark

25. Egypt

26. Estonian

27. England

28. Finland

29. France

30. Finnish

31. Germany

32. Hebrew

33. Hungarian

34. Italy

35. Ireland

36. Iran

37. India

38. Israel

39. Indonesia

40. Jamaica

41. Japan

42. Korea

43. Lithuanian

44. London France

45. Lebanon

46. Malay

47. Mexico

48. Malaysia

49. Nigeria

50. Netherlands

51. Norwegian

52. New England

53. New Zealand

54. Portuguese

55. Poland

56. Panama

57. Puerto Viejo

58. Philippines

59. Puerto Rico

60. Pakistan

61. Persian

62. Romania

63. Russian

64. Spain

65. Swedish

66. Santa Pola

67. Switzerland

68. San Jose

69. Slovak

70. Stockholm

71. Serbia

72. Taiwan

73. Turkish

74. Thai

75. Thailand

76. United Kingdom

77. Ukraine

78. Vietnamese

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