CopyLine Magazine endorses 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale in the 2nd Congressional District race

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bealeOn February 26th voters in the 2nd Congressional District will choose from an onslaught of candidates running for the post left vacant by the resignation of former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

This is an important election, and certainly an important decision that voters in the 2nd Congressional District will ultimately make.

The 20 candidates running for Congressman in the 2nd Congressional District primary election consist of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. And they all have their own vision and agenda as to how they will represent this very diverse district’s immediate priorities and those of future needs. Some of their agendas are ideologically similar while others are different and miles apart.

Over the years, CopyLine Magazine, whose main focus is on the political arena, has made very few endorsements of candidates running for public office. That was a choice made at the magazine’s inception, and that policy was adhered to. But after witnessing a stark difference in the changing political climate, with challenging views and agendas all over the horizon, CopyLine revisited that policy, and after 18 years of non-endorsements, CopyLine endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008 and again in 2012. The magazine also broadened its endorsements of other candidates running for public office in 2012.

The 2nd Congressional District – a very diverse district – should be represented by someone that has proven leadership skills, honor, integrity, accountability, and has the foresight to push an innovative agenda for the district and the country. After all, who we send to Congress will have a lot to do with the representation we get, and will have a big impact on results that follow.

After taking a close-up look at candidates vying for the 2nd Congressional District post, and after evaluating candidates’ showings in several debates and their public record, CopyLine Magazine endorses 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District.

CopyLine Magazine, and so should voters in the Second District, question the long financial arm of a New York billionaire politician pumping over a million dollars into ads for a candidate running in the 2nd Congressional District race in an effort to influence the race.

Beale, a Democrat, and Alderman of the 9th Ward for 14 years, is that one candidate that stands out from the rest of the crowd. He has an excellent vision for the 2nd Congressional District and has outlined an impressive agenda that focuses on key issues – the economy, jobs, small businesses, health care, gun control, repairing the nation’s infrastructure, environmental innovations and more.

CopyLine Magazine has been attentive to Beale’s leadership skills as with other politicians. And we’ve observed his unwavering accountability as a member of the Chicago City Council Committee on Transportation & Public Way, and now his proposed innovative agenda for the 2nd Congressional District, if elected. We believe that if given the opportunity to go to Congress, Beale will serve well, will be an asset to residents of the district as well as Chicago and the nation.

Beale said he is running for Congress to help Second District residents create an economic future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

And in outlining his Vision, Plan and Promise as a candidate for Congressman of the 2nd Congressional District, Beale said as Congressman, “I promise to help build a better economic future for the Second District. Instead of lagging behind the rest of Chicagoland, the Second District will become a leader in economic creativity and development. I will fight to ensure all of the communities of Chicago’s South Side and South Suburbs grow and prosper.”

More than a vision, Beale added that he has “a plan for harnessing our region’s unique potential to represent once again the strengths and opportunities of Illinois.

“No other candidate in this race can claim the same track record or hands-on experience creating job opportunities, redeveloping dormant areas, leading the fight for gun control and equitable deployment of police resources, building new senior housing, or ensuring a top-rate high school on the far South Side,” Beale acknowledged.


If elected to office, Beale said he would:


  • Fast-track the South Suburban Airport as the lynchpin to Illinois regaining its place as the nation’s transportation hub.  It will spur tens of thousands of jobs and contracts across industries within and beyond the state’s boundaries.  Few people realize the progress already made on this project or that it has already been a source of substantial employment during the planning, land acquisition, remediation, community outreach and maintenance processes. The FAA favors the SSA, because of projections that current major airports will reach capacity within a decade.  Both state and federal dollars have already been invested and allocated toward SSA, with private investment also a viable option.
  • Continue investing in repairing the nation’s infrastructure, ideally funding projects (e.g., rebuilding endangered bridges, creating high speed rail) beyond those addressed in the 2012 Transportation Bill.  The ROI on this strategy has proven time and time again to exceed that of others aimed at job creation.
  • Investing in environmental innovations offers dividends on many fronts.  It could be especially useful to helping remediate and restore economic life to acres of former industrial sites, as well as finding eco-friendly ways to support rural areas and farmers.

CopyLine Magazine supports Beale in his bid for Congressman of the 2nd Congressional District and urges voters to support him in his efforts to become Congressman of the 2nd Congressional District. Voters should PUNCH 104! at the polls on Election Day.

Juanita Bratcher, Journalist, Author, Poet & Songwriter, and Editor & Publisher of CopyLine Magazine

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