Church is neither brick nor mortar

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“The true Black Church (body of true believers) is yet faithful to those things that have been set-forth by God, and we The Black Church, fear God and will not seek to change them. For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”


By Rev. Harold Bailey, Founder and President of Probation Challenge


Church is neither brick nor mortar, nor is God’s Church an organization but rather an organism where He is the head and we are the members. And, in that Christ is a spirit and not flesh nor blood, and in that he who worships God, Christ, Jesus, must worship in Him in Spirit and in Truth, then where is the color, race, denomination, or class of people? The Holy Scriptures state: Where two or three persons (White, Black, Hispanic or others) are gathered together, God promised that He would be in the midst thereof.

I have always spiritually labored under the belief that ‘The Body of True Baptized Believers’ constituted the Body of Christ!

I, however, understand that which is being stated regarding the ’Black Church’ Being Dead and its dilemma. History would have it that we (Blacks) were separated by those who would not allow us to fall to our knees in worship with them – before what was supposed to be ‘our’ God. Thusly, at that time we as ‘colored people’ or other names, sadly departed and started our own mode-of-worship without any support from ‘across town’ from the White people who said we didn’t have the spiritual right to enter into Whites’ houses of worships.

Spiritually, I understand that this action was then the works of the worlds-greatest deceiver – Satan and his fallen angels. Much was done in ignorance and many of those perpetrators have repented, forgiven and on to be with the Lord, while many who were victimized are yet pointing fingers of ridicule.

But, in that Blacks/African Americans over the period of years have come into the knowledge of proven-biblical-truth, shouldn’t there be a turning back to God via the ‘Author’s Written Words’ and those commandments required of White, Black, Hispanics and all others. If you know better should we not do better?

Behold: Old things have passed away and now The Black (True Believers) Church is pressing toward the mark of a ‘higher calling’ which is in Christ Jesus, and where the things of earth now have become strangely dim in the light of His presents and His grace. Remember, the kingdom of God is flesh and blood, not political wimps. Nor is it a new concept of big-I and little you…nor is it obeying those who sit in chief seats in the places of worship.

There is a difference today as opposed to yesterday where our God-loving fore-parents could not read the word but they believed – and God held them accountable for what they understood! God knew this as He does everything, and much was given our fore-parents, and much then was required. As of today, we have learned more about the scriptures, and God is holding our feet to the fire with no place to hide. We can no longer play Church pimps, hustlers, and deceivers who lay-in-wait for the widows. Little now is given toward the orphans and elders who are deprived. Is this disrespect as to the word of God a matter of color or total disrespect of scripture? All things stated are set-forth between the covers of the book that I deem Holy, and have chosen to obey God rather than man….thusly, God’s Church/Words remains faithful. Christ changes not – then why should we? Christ is Yesterday, Today and forever more the same. God changes not! The true Black Church (body of true believers) is yet faithful to those things that have been set-forth by God, and we The Black Church, fear God and will not seek to change them. For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

I accepted Christ as my personal Savior at the age of 12-years, and those believing powers have sustained me for more than the promised years – and I have no intentions of allowing every wind of doctrine to separate me from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus.

The power/blood of God then, has never lost its power now.

The scripture said that in the latter days there would be a great falling away from the Church/Body of Believers, is that now? And, if so, there will be a falling away from the truth. Let’s hide the word of God in our hearts now that we – Black, White, Hispanic, Asians or others made not sin against heaven/God. The Church of God Is Not Dead!

Rev. Harold E. Bailey

Founder and President

The Probation Challenge and PCC Internet Broadcast Network

‘The Truth Network’


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