Chicago pastor ends 32-day hunger strike to end raids and deportations

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Rev. Martin Santellano, pastor of New Hope Apostolic Ministry, today (June 17) will end his 32 day hunger strike and hand over the mantle to well- known Chicago Pastor Father Jose Padre Landaverde of Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Mission, 3442 W. 26th Street   

Santellano, during a press conference and prayer vigil today (June 17) at the Federal Plaza, 230 S. Dearborn, at 10:30 a.m., will announce an end to his 32 day Hunger Strike which began on May 17th .

According to a press release, “Pastor Santellano’s body has weakened and he is responding to pleas from his family and congregation to stop before he further risks endangering his health.”

Father Padre Jose Landaverde will continue the hunger strike. “The message is simple. President Obama must implement an immediate moratorium on raids, deportations, separation of families, the use of racial profiling through 287g, and secure communities act programs, and Arizona type laws such as 1070, until just immigration reform legislation is adopted and implemented,” said Father Jose Padre Landaverde.”

Although they represent different denominations, Pastor Santellano, and Padre Landaverde both pastor Latino congregations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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