Chicago City Council supports Alderman Berny Stone: 35 Sitting Alderman Endorse Stone for Re-Election

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Chicago, IL  – 70 percent of Aldermen in Chicago’s City Council endorsed Alderman Berny Stone for re-election today. Thirty-five Aldermen from across the city came out in support of Alderman Stone, whom they say is an incredibly effective and productive member of the Chicago City Council and is an asset to the 50th Ward. Alderman Stone has been running a vigorous campaign based on his experience in City Council and is in a run-off election to be determined on April 5th.


“In the Chicago City Council, I have seen firsthand how hard Alderman Berny Stone works to bring jobs and economic development to his ward,” says 21st Ward Alderman and Democratic Committeeman Howard Brookins, Jr.  “Alderman Stone truly has the best interests of the 50th ward at heart.”


“Berny is one Alderman who knows how to get things done in City Hall,” says Alderman Brian Doherty of the 41st Ward.


The 35 sitting Aldermen attested to Alderman Stone’s wisdom, experience, and knowledge, something that Alderman Stone hopes will help the City of Chicago transition to a new mayor.

“Berny’s vast amount of knowledge and wisdom is a huge benefit to the council,” says 34th Ward Alderman and Democratic Committeeman Carrie Austin.


Alderman Stone has been Chicago’s Vice-Mayor since 1998. A position he was elected to by his fellow aldermen showing their faith in his ability to lead not just the 50th Ward, but the entire City of Chicago if the need arises.


“I can always count on Alderman Stone to be knowledgeable and up to date on all the issues in the Council,” says Alderman and Democratic Committeeman of the 8th Ward, Michelle Harris, “He is a wealth of knowledge and never turns anyone away.”


Alderman Stone, who received the most votes in the February 22nd election, says he is “honored to have the endorsement of so many of my colleagues. My working relationships with these Aldermen help me get things done for the 50th ward.”


In addition to his colleagues, Alderman Stone is endorsed by former 50th Ward aldermanic candidates Ahmed Khan and Tom Morris, as well as the Chicago Police Sergeants Association, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Amalgamated Transit Union, The Federation of Indian American Associations, The Greater Punjab Cultural Association of North America (Chicago Chapter), Sikh Religious Society of Chicago, Chicago Dispatcher, and the United Hellenic Voters of America.


Below is a growing list of the Aldermen who endorse Stone’s re-election:


Joe Moreno — Alderman, 01st Ward
Bob Fioretti — Alderman, 02nd Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Pat Dowell — Alderman, 03rd Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Leslie Hairston — Alderman, 05th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Freddrenna Lyle — Alde
rman, 06th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Sandi Jackson — Alderman, 07th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Michelle Harris — Alderman, 08th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Anthony Beale — Alderman, 09th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
John Pope — Alderman, 10th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
James Balcer — Alderman, 11th Ward
George Cardenas — Alderman, 12th Ward
Ed Burke — Alderman, 14th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Toni Foulkes — Alderman, 15th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Latasha Thomas — Alderman, 17th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Lona Lane — Alderman, 18th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Virginia Rugai — Alde
rman, 19th Ward
Willie Cochran — Alderman, 20th ward; Democratic Committeeman
Howard Brookins, Jr. — Alderman, 21st Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Mike Zalewski — Alderman, 23rd Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Daniel Solis — Alderman, 25th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Roberto Maldonado — Alderman, 26th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Walter Burnett, Jr. — Alderman, 27th Ward
Jason Ervin — Alderman, 28th Ward
Ray Suarez — Alderman, 31st Ward
Dick Mell — Alderman, 33rd Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Carrie Austin — Alderman, 34th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
John Rice — Alderman, 36th Ward
Emma Mitts — Alderman, 37th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Tim Cullerton — Alderman, 38th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Brian Doherty — Alde
rman, 41st Ward
Brendan Reilly — Alderman, 42nd Ward
Tom Tunney — Alderman, 44th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Pat Levar — Alderman, 45th Ward; Democratic Committeeman
Helen Shiller — Alderman, 46th Ward
Mary Ann Smith — Alderman, 48th Ward

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