Brady a no-show at Candidates’ Forum

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Letters to Editor 

Response to Senator Brady’s Failure to Appear at Urban League and Delta Sigma Theta Candidates‘ Forum:
“Tonight, Senator Brady was invited to share his plans for Illinois with voters at the Urban League Candidates’ Forum. He had the chance to debate the issues with Governor Quinn, but he failed to appear.
We already know that his tax cuts for the rich will add $1 billion to the deficit, and that his reckless budget cuts will make our state lose 128,000 private-sector jobs. But, after abruptly leaving a press conference yesterday when reporters asked him for specifics on his budget plans, it’s clear that Brady has no intention of telling the people of Illinois what else he has in store for them.
Sen. Brady’s reckless cuts to the budget would be disastrous for the people in Chicago who he skipped out on tonight - a slashing of funding for schools, CTA and health clinics in communities that need it the most.  Does he realize the impact this would have?

It’s unfortunate the Senator from Bloomington failed to appear, because these are issues he really needs to learn about.”

-Mica Matsoff, campaign spokesperson, Quinn for Illinois Campaign

For other questions about this event, please contact Taliva Tillman, President of the Delta Theta Sigma of Chicago Alumni Chapter (708.280.5253).

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