Black Publisher promotes Electronic Bookstores as the wave of the future for independent authors

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dmw_booksMerrillville, IN ( — Darlene M. Washington wakes up one day and decides to create an electronic bookstore for her titles to be bought and read all over the world. Just like that, was born!

“There used to be a day where getting published meant numerous submissions to book publishers, with volumes of rejection letters. Now all you have to do is press a couple of computer buttons, and voila, you’re published! Indie publishers (Independent Publishers) are recognized by major book chains such as, Google eBooks, Amazon, Borders and many others. Google eBooks has emerged with over 3 million titles by various industry publishers. Indie publishers are a viable source for readers. The International Digital Publishing Forum, states 3rd qtr. 2010 represented $119.7 million in over all eBook sales.”

What does this mean for books in print? “So far it means, a sizeable competition. It’s easier for textbooks for schools and offices to stay in print, vs. novels, cook books, etc. Novels are a favorite pastime and can be used in any setting, unlike textbooks created for a learning environment. Electronic books can be 1 million strong in your personal cloud library, accessible anywhere there’s internet, and read on various media devices. Gone are the days where carrying your favorite Stephen King novel was back breaking work.”

What’s so great about this electronic bookstore? “ is an extension of me. It features titles that I’ve written and a few by my pseudonym. More importantly, it’s interactive, entertaining and within a secure financial environment with purchases via PayPal. There’s The Rant Bar – an electronically distributed column, various unsolicited commentary, and categories like Getting Philosophical, Poetic Compilations, and Sex & Love. All titles are downloadable PDF files. Some books are also in Kindle format.

Why should people buy these titles? “Because much like Spike Lee, Robert Townsend, Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, the Harlem Renaissance artist, and the many women writers who represent the ‘indies’ of the world, ‘discovery is key.’ My world of creativity is not status quo. I offer my brand as an African-American woman having grown up in the projects with a Bachelors of Arts degree from Columbia College Chicago, and a vast background in business administration, advertising and public relations. It’s a unique life experience which makes my writing fun, challenging, emotional, and at some point enlightening for audiences 18+.

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