Black-Owned Tech Startup In Los Angeles Raises $225 Million


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Los Angeles, CA ( — A new Black-owned startup is making history as they have now received the largest investment ever for an African American led technology startup in the nation.

Black Unicorn Factory is an African American Accelerator program that is about to take the US by storm with its game-changing accelerated growth strategy for small businesses. This enterprising new development program, now commonly referred to as an ‘accelerator’ has raised $225 million dollars in funding from investors.

This is historic because currently only 1% of all venture capital is invested in African American startups. Currently, there are over 500 unicorns in the world but not one is owned by an African American.

Johnny Stewart, the CEO of this new startup talked bullishly about the potential of this new accelerator platform, comments, “This is a real game-changer in Venture Capital Investing. This is the first time ever, that a startup can become a Billion Dollar company without using traditional funding sources.” He continues, “We are revolutionizing venture capital investing. Startups now have a choice in venture capital funding. Only 1% of all startups seeking venture capital today receive venture capital funding. African American startups receive 1% of that 1% of venture capital funding, that’s horrible!! But that’s all about to change.”

The Black Unicorn Factory specializes in turning normal small startups into unicorns. You might be thinking, what do they mean by “unicorn”? Well, the name unicorn refers to a tech company that has an evaluation of one billion dollars or more. In essence, the Black Unicorn Factory is helping startups to achieve this level of success. The new symbol of business success today is a Unicorn, but there aren’t any African American Unicorns in existence.

The Black Unicorn Factory has gained a reputation for being one of the nation’s best group of growth of hackers. With an estimated combined experience of over one hundred years, they have the ability to transform any tech startup into a profitable Billion Dollar company.

John Stewart also touched upon the process of how they were able to get to this point. “This was thought by many to be impossible, but we have obviously now shattered that belief. We have been beta testing our system for eight years now and I am delighted to say that we have now perfected the process.”

It does indeed appear that all other Venture Capital backed startups have competition now! This startup claims that their unicorns are going to be bigger, faster, smarter, and stronger than other unicorns.

They also have a new app being released soon called “Follow Me For Equity”. After downloading this app you simply agree to follow a company on its social media platform and they can “Earn Equity” in that company which will become a unicorn. This means millions can now invest in Billion-dollar tech startups without having to invest a single dollar.

The Black Unicorn Factory’s target market is “Indigent Investors”. Indigent investors are those in society who would like to invest but can’t afford to. As already alluded to, they are targeting people who once believed that if they didn’t have any money they couldn’t invest. In doing so, it will change the way we think about investing.

There are over 50 companies in the Black Union Factory, and all of these companies are on a clear path to going public in 12 months. Their exit strategy gives the investor a way to cash the stock that they received for following a Pre IPO company on social media. Our program also teaches those new to invest in the process of investing and evaluating companies.

To conclude this is a landmark moment in the history of African American startups in the tech arena. What this company has been able to achieve is remarkable and when you consider the historical context of their achievements, it only makes it more impressive. The average American is never invited to invest in unicorn companies before they go public so this really does present a fantastic opportunity.

The CEO of this company, Johnny Stewart, has over 30 years of experience in building startups. He can be described as a serial entrepreneur, activist, author, investor, philanthropist, speaker, and mentor.

For more information about Black Unicorn Factory, its unicorns, and the “Follow Me for Equity” app, visit

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