Black Leadership Must Be Accountable

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Black leadership has taken a turn for the worst. That’s because many Black leaders have failed miserably in keeping their fingers on the pulse and mind-set of the Black masses. Many of these “so-called” leaders are out of tune with the Black Community, and are “selling out” Blacks on a daily basis for thirty pieces of silver, all in the name of self-aggrandizement.

Blacks Must Hold Them Accountable!

It must be stopped! And, it must be stopped now! – Like yesterday, if young Blacks, with the highest unemployment rate in the nation, are to survive, or have any kind of future in this country.

There’s a need for new leadership – a changing of the guard – leadership that will tenaciously work towards constructive change, stand up against unfair practices, speak out against injustices that have been impediments and roadblocks to Black progress in this country; fight for social/political changers, economic empowerment; work toward ensuring a good education for Black children; deal with the devastating problems of crime and drug abuse; try to find ways to employ Black youth; and monitor and see that Blacks get their share of the goods and services this City, this County, this State, and this Country have to offer.

There are many outstanding Black leaders who are working for the good of the masses, and for the country as a whole. But many Blacks have lost confidence in some of their leaders, those “so-called” leaders, “self-proclaimed” leaders, or “agents” that are on missions to destroy anything and everything in the way of Blacks ‘economic and political gains.

Strangely enough, though, some Blacks, when thrust into powerful leadership positions – where they can really effect – dismiss the whole purpose of their being there. They start talking a new talk, start walking a new walk – none of which is in the best interest of Black people.

In many instances, they are used for “divide and conquer” missions, to throw the community in total confusion and disarray – wrap Blacks up in the flag of emotionalism, and the end result is, Blacks become so up in arms against each other that they fail to see the “real enemy” at play – strident racism. This (confusion) is happening now in the city of Chicago.

Endorsements don’t carry the weight today as in campaign elections years past. People have become more sophisticated in their thinking and voting, and they don’t look to their leaders as such for guidance and directions since most of them have different agendas, anyway. The most an endorsee can expect from an endorsement is a vote from the individual making the endorsement, and oftentimes that vote can’t be accounted for.

The Black community was so divided, and in shambles, after the death of Mayor Harold Washington, that they took that emotionalism to the polls (the split between Sawyer and Evans factions) in the Special Mayoral Election; and lost the Mayor’s Office in the process. The numbers were there, but Black emotionalism took priority over clear, sound thinking. Black leaders didn’t help the situation any.

Since the beginning of Planet Earth, there have been many Tom, Dick and Harry’s “faking it” wanting to be leaders. Some are well intentioned (want to make a positive difference), others are not. Agents, however, those persons with personal agendas, “do their thing” to the detriment of Blacks, and move on to a different point of action. These kinds of leaders must be weeded out!

When Iraqi scud missiles slammed into Israel, in one day’s time, $1.5 million in funds were raised in support of Israel. That’s leadership in action, working together for the good of all.

However, when Operation PUSH officials announced that the organization was financially-strapped, money didn’t trickle in that fast. Yet, PUSH was in the forefront fighting racism and injustices against women and minorities, the poor and disenfranchised.

It’s time to throw those “do-nothing, sit-on-the-sideline” leaders out the door, period. Blacks must tell them that their endless “do-nothing” recesses are over; that it’s time for some new solutions to some very old problems; that the old solutions are not working in this rapidly changing world. The world has changed. New solutions and new strategies are needed. Blacks need independent leaders, community-directed leaders, not planted “agents” who dance to the “tune and shuffle” of someone else’s game. Many times these “so-called” leaders come as sheep in wolves’ clothing; they talk that talk, walk that walk, and leave the dagger hanging.

If Black leadership cannot deliver what is expected of them, then the masses must take control and find new leadership for the job. It’s not too late to start.

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