Black lawyers urge caution in the Court of Public Opinion concerning sexual allegations against Bishop Eddie Long

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Attorney Carlos Moore, managing member of
Natiional Law Group and BlackLawyers.NET


Jackson, MS ( — The National Law Group, the nation’s largest African-American owned legal services company and the owners of BlackLawyers.NET are urging caution in the Court of Public Opinion concerning the recent allegations of sexual impropriety by Bishop Eddie Long.

They assert: “The three young men who have filed lawsuits against Bishop Long have simply made allegations that have yet to be proven in a Court of Law. The allegations could be true and they could be false. Regardless, the plaintiffs will have a very high burden to meet to prove their cases because these types of acts are usually done privately with no witnesses.”

Attorney Carlos Moore, managing member of the National Law Group and BlackLawyers.NET, recently represented two young African-American males in Mississippi who also accused a Baptist pastor of sexual impropriety and child molestation while they were teens. One of the boys dropped his lawsuit and the other entered into a confidential settlement with the church and the pastor with no fault ever being admitted.

Having personally sued a pastor of behalf of teen boys allegedly molested and currently being the General Counsel for a church his father-in-law pastors in Mississippi, Attorney Carlos Moore, is keenly aware of the issues on both sides of the equation. He suggests that the public not make any rush to judgment and give both sides the benefit of the doubt until the evidence is presented in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. The young men may have ulterior motives for their allegations and they may not.

“It is much too early to tell,” says Attorney Moore. “However, what is quite clear, is that unless there is more, no crimes have been committed by Bishop Long, since the boys were the age of consent at the time of the alleged acts.”
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