Black Kids Inspired by Female Computer Scientist’s Interactive Coding Toy Robot and Book Series

Black Kids Inspired by Female Computer Scientist's Interactive Coding Toy Robot and Book Series

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Encouraging the Next Generation to Embrace Coding Through Fun and Creativity

Nationwide – Terysa Ridgeway, a pioneering African-American computer scientist and celebrated children’s book author, is on a mission to ignite a passion for coding among children worldwide. With an impressive track record as a Technical Program Manager at Google and the creator of the popular Terysa Solves It book series, Terysa is now introducing an innovative educational toy robot aimed at teaching kids foundational coding skills and problem-solving techniques.

Titled “Terysa Solves It presents Alilo The Explorer,” this captivating toy robot bridges the gap between learning and play. Designed for children aged 3 and above, Alilo The Explorer helps young minds develop critical thinking and algorithmic programming skills. The unique aspect of the product lies in its versatility, offering both “plugged” and “unplugged” activities. Children can interact with the robot by programming it through an exclusive app, using the included floor puzzle pieces, or employing the directional buttons on the robot itself.

The inspiration behind Alilo The Explorer emerged from a direct request from children and parents who were captivated by Terysa Ridgeway’s earlier works, including her debut book “Think Like A Computer.” Parents were eager to find engaging and educational ways to extend the impact of storytime, leading Ridgeway to collaborate with Alilo, a prominent edutainment toy brand. This partnership has brought to life a learning tool that combines entertainment with technology, fostering creativity and imagination.

In Terysa’s own words, “Teaching children to code is like giving them a superpower: it unlocks endless possibilities and creativity. With the release of Terysa Solves It presents Alilo The Explorer, I hope to further inspire a new generation of young coders and show them just how exciting and fun the world of programming can be.”

Terysa’s journey from a rocket scientist developing code for Exoatmospheric Spacecraft to her current role at Google has been marked by her unyielding commitment to encouraging diversity and representation in STEM fields. Holding degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Southern University and A&M College, as well as completing Stanford University’s LEAD Executive Education program, Ridgeway’s remarkable accomplishments are emblematic of her dedication to inspiring young minds.

The success of Terysa Solves It book series underscores Ridgeway’s ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible and creative manner. Her innovative approach not only engages young readers but also addresses the critical need to increase the participation of girls in STEM. Through her stories, Ridgeway showcases the untapped potential within aspiring young girls who aspire to become computer scientists.

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Terysa Ridgeway is a distinguished computer scientist, children’s book author, and Technical Program Manager at Google. With a background in rocket science and a deep commitment to promoting diversity in STEM, Ridgeway’s work has earned her recognition and respect within the industry. Her Terysa Solves It book series and Alilo The Explorer toy robot exemplify her passion for inspiring young minds to embrace the world of coding and problem-solving.

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