Bishop Carlton Pearson, who “doubts the existence of Hell as a place of eternal torment”, will appear on the Probation Challenge (PCC) Internet Broadcast Network

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 Chicago, IL – Bishop Carlton D. Pearson, renowned minister of the gospel, visited the PCC Television Network to discuss his controversial views on “Hell and inclusion”, recent remarks made by him that has caused a spiritual uproar across the globe.

Pearson’s beliefs about Hell were made after he watched a television program about the wretched conditions of people suffering and dying in Rwanda. And considering the teachings of his church that non-Christians were going to Hell, Pearson believed he received an epiphany from God. He now questions the teachings of Christian doctrine that promotes a loving God who would sentence billions of people to an eternal hell for not becoming Christians. His teachings caused the closing of his Higher Dimension Church, which was one of the largest churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Received well by the mainstream media, he stated publicly that he doubted the existence of Hell as a place of eternal torment. His ministry is now known as the Gospel of Inclusion.

In an interview with the Rev. Harold E. Bailey, founder and President of the Probation Challenge Program, Pearson again explained his doubts about the existence of Hell as a place for eternal torment.

“Bishop Pearson, certainly by the grace of God and in the spirit of love, ought to be afforded the opportunity to reason together with the body of Christ without contention or bitterness,” Bailey said.

Bailey said Bishop Pearson subscribes to what is described as “New Thought”, which many disagree with.

Pearson attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was mentored by the late Oral Roberts. He was licensed and ordained in the Church of God in Christ and ordained Bishop in 1997. Currently, he is Interim Pastor of Christ Universal Temple Church in Chicago. He is the Author of “The Gospel of Inclusion” and “God Is Not Christian, Not a Jew, Muslim, Hindu…”

Bailey said historically, men and women of God made conscious decisions to obey those things spoken via the Holy Spirit without having consent from mankind. And that many of those obedient to God were ridiculed while others were put to death.

“Christians today live boldly as the result of spiritual sacrifices made by many of our ostracized fore-parents,” Bailey said. “And in that love covers a multitude of faults, we then should agree to disagree in the household of faith without strife.

Bailey added, “A man or woman declaring a vision from God ought to obey God rather than man; which is to say that …I may not agree with all Pearson says, but Bishop Pearson has a spiritual right to speak the dictates of his heart. Consequences of Pearson’s spoken beliefs rest with God.”

The two-part interview with Pearson will be aired on the Probation Challenge /PCC Internet Network.         

The Probation Challenge Program started some 31 years ago. The purpose of the organization is to work with young rejected women and men who have fallen from grace, for various reasons, offering ex-offenders “A Second Chance.”

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