Berrios apologizes for statement made

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Democratic candidate for Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios on Thursday issued an apology for making inaccurate statements regarding his opponent’s donor base. 

I have made comments in recent stories – including one published today – that Forrest Claypool receives contributions from millionaire donors,” Berrios said. “That comment is inaccurate. In fact, Mr. Claypool is receiving thousands of dollars from billionaires who were today listed as the richest people in Chicago.”

Berrios cited a Forbes story that was published today which listed the 400 richest people in the United States. On that list are 18 Chicagoans – 10 of whom have donated to Claypool, but not Berrios.

I apologize for under-estimating the wealth of Forrest Claypool’s donors,” Berrios said. “None of these 10 Northside residents has contributed to my campaign. And while Mr. Claypool has been criticizing me for taking donations over $1,500, he has been busy taking $600,000 in less than six months from just 48 donors. He is the epitome of an elitist.”

Forbes editors select list members by their estimating their stakes in privately held companies, real estate, art, yachts and planes.

Of the Claypool donors, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections, on the Forbes list:

  • Sam Zell

  • Gigi Pritzker

  • Thomas Pritzker

  • James Pritzker

  • Jay Robert Pritzker

  • Penny Pritzker

  • Michael Krasny

  • Joe Mansueto

  • Kenneth Griffin

  • Neil Bluhm

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