Berrios Campaign accuses Claypool of wasting taxpayer money – again

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Letters to the Editor

It’s time that voters see who the real Forrest Claypool is, and what he stands for. Today was the perfect example. He is a hypocrite who wastes taxpayers’ money.

Mr. Berrios plans to soon release a statement geared specifically towards ethics reforms.

Claypool then used political gadfly Dick Simpson to put together a report naming Mr. Berrios as the target. Simpson followed his report by announcing, during the special meeting being footed by taxpayers, that he was endorsing Claypool in the Assessor’s race. Ironically, Simpson was invited to announce his support by Peraica.

Uses special Cook County Finance Committee meeting as campaign press conference

Chicago, IL – Today, Mr. Claypool proved himself to be a hypocrite in the true sense of the word. He has often criticized his colleague Tony Peraica for making political statements on taxpayers’ time. Today, Claypool did the exact same thing during a special meeting that, in essence, was nothing more than a campaign press conference. He sponsored three campaign-related ordinances which were clearly aimed at his opponent, Joe Berrios.

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