Award-Winning Author Wins Beygood Award, Launches Black Animation Series That Incorporates American Sign Language

kentrell martin

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Nationwide ( — Award-winning author Kentrell Martin is set to release the trailer and first 3 pilot episodes of his new animation series, The Shelly’s Adventures Show. The series is the first of its kind as it focuses on American Sign Language (ASL), and is ideal for parents or educators looking to keep their children entertained with educational content. It’s also the first black animation series to incorporate ASL and provides a great opportunity to introduce children to one of the fastest growing languages in the US.

Over 10 years ago, Martin also created the first children’s book series to incorporate ASL while telling a story. He’s still going strong with over 8 titles in print and has expanded his brand to include a full-fledged network that makes learning ASL fun for educators, parents and students.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Martin visited between 130 and 150 schools around the globe annually spreading awareness of Deaf culture and teaching basic signs. His tours were halted in 2020, and 90 percent of his income vanished overnight.

Still, he remained committed to the cause and continued preparing for the Shelly’s Adventures live action stage plays slated to launch in the Fall of 2020. When those plans failed to materialize, Martin set his sights on bringing another vision to life – an ASL network to house his animation series and a host of other instructional videos.

He worked tirelessly to secure funding, and was awarded the BeyGood grant to fund the animation series. The Shelly’s Adventures Show is housed on The Shelly’s Adventures Network, which also has over 70 instructional ASL videos. Season one will eventually feature 30 episodes that are slated for release over the next few months.

It’s only $5.99 per month to enroll, and you can test drive the platform at no cost to you for 7-days!

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