Attorney General Madigan urges parents to immediately stop use of crib bumpers

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Madigan alerts families to the potential for suffocation or strangulation from bumper pads


Chicago, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan today issued an alert to Illinois parents, grandparents and other caregivers of infants urging them to remove bumper pads used along the sides of cribs. Madigan said immediate action is necessary in light of the number of infant deaths and injuries attributed to bumper pads.

The Attorney General is alerting caregivers of this danger to prevent infant deaths. Babies may suffocate or be strangled if they roll against a crib bumper, press their face against the bumper, wedge their head between the pad and the mattress or crib side, or if their neck gets wrapped by the tie that secures the bumper to the crib.

“We know that children have tragically died in their cribs because of these bumper pads,” Attorney General Madigan said. “Parents and caregivers should remove these bumpers to prevent tragedy.”

Since 2008, the National Center for Child Death Review has received reports of 14 infants who have died from suffocation caused by crib bumpers. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American SIDS Institute and the Canadian Health Department have all urged parents not to use crib bumpers. 

Attorney General Madigan partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Kids in Danger, the American SIDS Institute, SIDS of Illinois and the Canadian Health Department to alert caregivers of the danger crib bumpers pose.

Madigan also sent a letter to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association demanding the group release results from its study into the dangers of crib bumper pads. A study commissioned by JPMA to investigate these dangers has yet to be published while the group internally reviews the report. Madigan urged the association to release the study immediately, so the proper authorities can take any necessary steps to prevent further harm.

“The JPMA needs to release results of its study and implement effective measures to remove these bumpers from the marketplace,” Madigan said. “Manufacturers and distributors of these pads must take responsibility for the dangers posed by these products. We must work together to educate parents and caregivers and ensure cribs across Illinois and nationwide are safe for babies.”

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is a national trade organization that represents companies across the country that manufacture, import and distribute infant products like cribs, car seats and strollers.

In addition to today’s alert on the dangers of crib bumpers, Attorney General Madigan urged parents and caregivers to take the time to review her Rest Assured guide to be sure they have no other dangerous children’s items in their homes. The Rest Assured guide provides information to consumers about recalls of cribs or other sleep-related items for children from 2007 to date. To obtain a copy of guide, call the Attorney General’s Product Recall Hotline at 1-888-414-7678 (TTY: 1-800-964-3013), or visit her website,

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