Attorney General Madigan collects nearly $1 Billion in state revenue in 2010

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 Report shows Attorney General’s office generated $30 for every tax dollar spent 


Chicago, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced that her office collected nearly $1 billion on behalf of the State of Illinois in 2010, bringing total collections since 2003 to more than $7 billion. Through a mix of litigation and collection of estate tax revenues, Attorney General Madigan’s office generated almost $30 for every tax dollar spent.

“As the state’s chief legal officer, I work not only to represent the state and protect the public interest, but also to generate revenue to help fund critical programs important to the people of Illinois,” Madigan said. “Throughout the state’s fiscal crisis, my office has consistently saved taxpayer dollars and yet continues to generate needed revenues for the state.”

In 2010, Madigan’s office collected more than $922 million on behalf of the state. Through litigation, the Attorney General’s office collected almost $402 million, including funds for damage to state property, child support, unpaid educational loans, fines and penalties. In addition, the Attorney General’s office collected approximately $236 million in estate tax revenues and nearly $284 million through tobacco litigation.

Last year, Madigan’s office operated with an appropriation of $30,705,700—the lowest level of funding from the state’s general revenue fund since 1997. For every state general revenue tax dollar that the office received in 2010, Attorney General Madigan’s office generated $30.03.  The more than $922 million collected on behalf of the state does not include the millions that Madigan’s office successfully generated through litigation and distributed directly to impacted Illinois residents and to organizations that provide critical services throughout the state.

The Attorney General’s office handles the legal representation in litigation for the State and all state officers, boards, commissions, agencies and employees. Madigan’s Government Representation Division, which consists of 11 bureaus, handles a diverse case load, including all lawsuits relating to the work of state agencies and revenue litigation. Through litigation to collect taxes owed to the state and resolve disputes over tax liability and the tax laws, the office collected more than $63 million.

Among the largest revenue-generating areas of the office last year, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit recovered more than $30 million in taxpayer dollars, including a $10 million settlement against Astra Zeneca for the company’s illegal marketing of its antipsychotic medications. The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigates and prosecutes medical provider fraud, nursing home abuse and neglect, as well as fraud in the administration of the Illinois Medicaid Program.

Madigan’s Environmental Enforcement Division also secured more than $7 million through cases against the state’s worst polluters in 2010. The Environmental Enforcement Division investigates and files suits to ensure that polluters, not taxpayers, pay the cost of cleanup and to stop ongoing illegal polluting. Among the cases in 2010, the Division successfully recovered $2 million from companies accused of illegally dumping waste in Harvey and secured more than $1 million from Exelon to resolve a lawsuit over hazardous radioactive leaks.

Other major areas of revenue collections in 2010 included child support, recovery of illegally obtained unemployment insurance benefits and welfare litigation awards. Madigan’s Child Support Enforcement Division works closely with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services and other agencies and advocacy organizations to ensure that families throughout the state receive the support they need to raise their children. In conjunction with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the Child Support Enforcement Division handles child support enforcement in 89 counties across the State of Illinois.

The following chart shows the breakdown of funding collected through litigation:


Breakdown of Litigation Collections (by bureau)


Environmental enforcement


State government representation


Medicaid fraud


Child support (public aid)


Revenue litigation (state taxes)


Special Prosecutions-Revenue


Unemployment insurance


Welfare Litigation


Litigation Collections Total

















In addition, Madigan’s office enforces the terms of the state’s settlement agreement with tobacco companies and files suits to ensure that tobacco companies adhere to that agreement and follow the laws. The office also collects the state’s estate tax.  The following chart shows the breakdown of total collections on behalf of the State in 2010:



2010 Collections


Litigation Referrals


Estate Tax Collections


Tobacco Litigation










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