America’s Wire releases Exclusive Article citing Impact of Black Prosecutors across the country

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michael_k_frisbyIn Several Communities, Black Prosecutors are Transforming How Crime is Addressed, People are Prosecuted and Punishment is Administered to People of Color


 Michael K. Frisby, president, America’s Wire


Washington, DC ( – America’s Wire has released a story about the significant role that African American prosecutors are quietly having across the nation in bringing actual justice to the criminal justice system for people of color.

This outstanding article by award-winning reporter Marjorie Valbrun discusses the impact black prosecutors are having in communities. It cites the potential for change in California from the election of Kamala Harris as the state’s Attorney General. Ms. Harris, a Democrat who is San Francisco’s district attorney, clings to a small lead as ballots continue to be counted. She is of African American and Asian descent.

Ms. Valbrun writes that as district attorney, “Harris is among a current crop of black DAs who are transforming the way crime is addressed, people are prosecuted and punishment is meted out. Her innovative approaches for being “Smart on Crime,” instead of simply “tough on crime” are popular in many quarters but derided by some conservatives. Yet they have gained political currency for being thoughtful and pragmatic, and are being modeled by other DAs, particularly those in communities with large black, Latino or other minority populations.”

Furthermore, Ms. Valbrun adds, “Harris, Craig Watkins of Dallas County, Texas, and Seth Williams of Philadelphia form a triumvirate of popular black DAs who work in large urban areas and have made headlines for their efforts to be more responsive to communities they serve and to address racial disparities in the legal system that civil rights groups and others have long cited as the cause of the disproportionate incarceration of people of color.”

This outstanding article is now available at Throughout November, our special introductory offer provides free trial subscriptions to media outlets – mainstream newspapers, community newspapers, news wires, ethnic publications and websites. During the trial period, media outlets can download and publish our articles for free. As of December 1, only paid subscribers will have access to our stories.

“The article on black prosecutors highlights the work they have done to make the criminal justice system fairer to people of color,” said Michael K. Frisby, president of America’s Wire. “Stories on America’s Wire are designed to complement the news coverage already available from various media outlets. Our goal is to better inform the American public about the impact of the structural racism that still exists in America.”

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