Alderman Preckwinkle Favors Senate’s Health Care Plan

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Cook County Board President candidate calls on the Illinois congressional delegation to support the President.

 Alderman Toni Preckwinkle would have preferred to support a single-payer option, stating that it would have “brought the most comprehensive coverage and ensured costs were kept under control.”

However, as the fight for health care has developed, that option no long seems attainable and she stands in support of the public option to best serve the public’s health care needs.

“It’s important, now that we have had thorough debate, that we pass a bill that helps the American people get better access to health care. The Senate’s plan offers a compromise that addresses the most immediate concerns and will be a great benefit to Cook County,” stated Preckwinkle. “This bill presents a breakthrough in expanding access to quality health care and I urge other elected officials to stand in support of this much-needed legislation.”

“This is a critical first step to ensuring that Cook County meets its fundamental responsibility to ensure that all its residents have quality health care. For residents, it will give them more choices in health care providers. For the County, it will reduce the number of uninsured and underinsured, through both the Exchange and through expansion of Medicaid. It has the potential to significantly reduce the strain on the County Health System.”

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