A Victory for children; “Huckleberry Finn” is losing the N-Word

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roy_miller_huckle_berry_finnBy Attorney Roy Miller

(Distributed through BlackNews.com)

I applaud Auburn University professor Alan Gribben for realizing that children have hearts and they break. No, we can never destroy the n-word anymore than we can destroy other words of profanity. Whether in books or not, hateful words will live on forever in society. However, we as parents can make it clear what words are acceptable for children and what words are not. God and children depend on parents to teach children.

There are differences between what adults can say and what children can say. A first grader should not be made to make a twelfth grader decision. Children need to know that access to certain things in life are off limits, until they reach adulthood and they can then make their own choices and use their own discretions.

Surely we would not give a child a pistol to play with or a marijuana joint, because we know that a child’s mind is not developed enough to make adult decisions. Why would we give innocent children the go ahead to handle the word that is most associated with violence, racism and hate? And, why would we make it possible for racists and idiots to freely use the n-word around little children.

We cannot assume that everyone that uses the n-word means well and has common sense. Children, not adults, are the ones that look in dictionaries for meaning of the n-word and read books that children must read in school. Children are the ones that have to sit in integrated class rooms and endure the pain, not the grown ups that fight for acceptance of the n-word. We constantly have adults fighting for the rights of children to use the n-word and other hurtful words. We constantly see adults fighting for the right to use what ever language they desire around children, yours and mine. Children need constant motivation from adults, not depression and intentional disrespect. Adults have used profanity and other hurtful words until they are now blinded to the tears of children. Children hurt and many see little difference between life and death, while adults move further towards the edge. In 1994, I succeeded at having the n-word deleted from a major dictionary. I fought primarily for the sake of children, the innocent victims that cannot fight for themselves. I ask that adults go to schools and ask children how it feels to be disrespected.

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