“Alexi is not really a part of this circus”: Giannoulias spokesperson on Blagojevich trial subpoena

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Alexi for Illinois campaign spokesman Matt McGrath released the following statement today on the Rod Blagojevich trial:


“As has been clear for some time, but especially as the trial has unfolded, Alexi is not really a part of this circus. It was no secret that he thinks highly of Valerie Jarrett, and thought she would make a terrific Senator, so of course he wanted to be helpful. That’s why he reached out to Harris to say as much. Tom Balanoff reached out to him to get in touch with Valerie because he didn’t know her well or know how to get a hold of her. Alexi put the two of them together in a meeting. He attended this meeting, but was not an active participant. He never spoke to the President or the former governor about anything related to it.

“Still, as with dozens of others from the President on down, the former governor’s defense team contacted Alexi’s attorney as part of what can only be described as a wide-ranging defense strategy. The former governor’s ill will toward Alexi is no secret, and apparently continues. As does the circus.”

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