As Chicago’s Mayor Exits, Let Us Not Forget the Damage Alderman Michelle Harris Has Done to the 8th Ward!


It is no secret that Alderman Michelle Harris was an avid servant and supporter of the resigning Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s way of conducting business in Chicago.

According to Voting Patterns’ Aldermanic Agreement with Administration, prepared by the University of Illinois Chicago Political Science Department,  Harris has a 97% support rate. Let us not forget they are of the same mind, values and beliefs when it comes to Chicago politics. While Chicago is considered one of the bloodiest towns in America under the current city management, it has also cultivated slums in the Southeast side under the lackadaisical watch of Alderman Michelle Harris. As other communities grow and flourish downtown and up north, a once thriving community suffers in her wake. Fixing sidewalks long overdue for maintenance, holding “back to school” parades a week after school starts, painting a couple of chipped up buildings and viaducts, tearing down a building that has been an eyesore and a hazard for years just months before an election seems to be the only strategy she knows for trying to hold on to a position she is obviously not qualified for and never has been.

Leaders are born not made. Instead of trying to mold herself into a leader, because she obviously wasn’t born one, she decided to coast her way through and learn on the job. Epic fail! Turn the reigns over to somebody else, and quit faking it Alderman Harris. You had twelve years to make a viable difference, and you didn’t. The community needs much more than new sidewalks and paint. Sad show. How about education, jobs, safety, community economic empowerment and development? How about not showing up for photo opportunities that might give one the impression you played a major role in construction and development that would have taken place without you? Why do you keep stepping in taking credit for projects that would take place whether you were in office or not? Good strategy for giving the community the impression you are making things happen just before election time. Look at the businesses you bring in. Who else would want them? You’re transforming the whole ward into a slum leaving little real estate for real development. We were already told Panera Bread said “no” to opening a store in the ward so why did you mention them as a prospective business developer in the community on CAN TV Political Forum? Harris, you keep referring to the ward as an aging community. Where are your numbers? By the way, that statement is not one that encourages prospective startup developments and growth that appeal to our younger people with buying power. Not to mention, the concerned citizens of the ward are certainly growing tired of doing damage control for your foibles.

A very long awaited town hall meeting was scheduled by Harris in early October. Seems they only come around during election time. If it was anything like previous years, it was once again a fair with tables set up sharing city and government service’s information. Another piggy back ride to look like she was being effective getting things done in the community while nurturing and bringing in under the radar businesses that mean the community no good, and bring no real value. Their purpose usually to come in and take residents’ money and resources out of the community. Do not be fooled by Alderman Harris. She has been playing games with the community for the past 12+ years acting as if she knows how to do a job she’s clearly not good at. Times up. Once again, the community has to do damage control.

Goodbye Rahm, and Michelle Harris, for the sake of the 8th Ward, please pass the mic and make space for someone that knows what they are doing and cares about the well-being of the whole community and not just a few.