Blacks and Hispanics Struggles: Where is Our Place in the American Dream?

By Elder Raymond Christian
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Was the Dreamer Wrong? Where is our place in the American Dream?

Our struggles are much worst today than ever before.  With 879,000 Black men in prison today, and Hispanics being forced to go to Mexico. It should not make you wonder what the American dream has in place for minorities.


When you look at the stats on what is taking place today in America do minorities really believe they are a part of the American dream? If you are a Black American you would have to wonder just which part of the American Dream you fit in. Is it the dream that says since Whites are investing 185 billion dollars a year in building prisons there will be more Blacks needed to be incarcerated. So they can help build or make products for the investors to receive a profit from their 185 billion dollar investment.


Right now, in the year 2018 for every 10,679 Black men incarcerated there is only 1,537 whites incarcerated. There are 2 million children on the Ivory Coast of Africa and Ghana in slavery today. This is the part of your American Dream I honestly believe as much as I respect Dr  Martin Luther King. His dream did not give him the vision to 2018.  No jobs for Blacks in America, how do you hold onto a dream you are not a part of.
Hispanics in America are being forced back to Mexico is this the dream of their future. For every 1,235 Hispanics locked up only 425 Whites that’s 3 times the ratio. So once again why do your think Whites are investing 185 billion dollars a year in building prisions. These are not investment to grow the community. Prisons are being built to be filled by our children this is their future in America. I Have a Dream today.


The Cocoa Plantations are already in the United State Hawaii and Florida. I did not say new factories and companies I said plantations the same plantations your ancestors were once slaves to. Our Hispanic children are already working on the Tobacco Plantations at the age of 7 years old, 15 hours a day. These children are also being raped and sodomized.  Hispanic children are dying from terminal cancer because of the slug bacteria on the tobacco plants and nothing is being done to help them. This is not the American dream Dr. King spoke of. We must become more cognizant in our thinking or the reality of what is taking place here in America will confine minorities to subservient conditions.


You must read my sixth book about titled “The Cocoa Plantations  America’s Chocolate Secret…forced child labor… by Raymond C. Christian.  There are five year old children being sold into slavery, used as child sex slaves, child prostitution and child organ trafficking. What Dream are we a part of???

Just know, God is always watching.