Wake-Up America! President Donald Trump is Positioning Himself to Govern the United States for an Unprecedented Period!

By Harold E. Bailey
President & Founder of ProbationChallenge & the PCC Network

Wake-Up America! President Donald Trump is positioning himself to govern the United States for an unprecedented period! Heard in recent dialogs was that he is in for the long haul…and, thusly, planting subliminal seeds as he rests under the assumptions that changing of the president’s term-law will help to accommodate his insanities.  Unfortunately, President Trump believes everything he utters!  However, take note that when the Head of the United States Aches … the Body Profoundly Ails!


As tax-payers examine as to who in government is ailing, they find the disposition rest by-large at the feet of Republicans. A large portion of the Republican Congressional body has become frightened to halt the terrorist sitting in the seat of authority who is tearing into the core-fabrics of this country!  Without question, this delegation of Republicans has sold itself to the highest bidder… with defying silence for the sake of filthy-greed! They have elected to choose riches and possessions rather than to represent U.S. citizens. Their utmost concern exceeding the welfare of humans is to maintain a congressional seat!


Civilized politicians both Democrats and Republicans once lifted the U.S. Congress as the highest body of leadership in the land and were once proud to have youth emulate them! However, in the last year many have separated from their invaluable principles and have surrendered their morals to the absurdity flowing from the bowels of the 45th president!


Immeasurable taxpayers have become hypnotized with disbelief as they look into the eyes of representatives who were elected to represent them! These were the officials sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to preserve justice for all… now, many have made a transition into the political arms of prostitution under the Trumps spell.


Trump along with other insidious political favorites have fallen from grace and will remember that the loss of morals, principles and spiritual ethics will ever be remembered in the archives of history.


While fraudulent politicians fear for the loss of local and a congressional seat … they have put their own biased needs over the needs of their constituents!  This belligerent agents-of-government wink at righteousness and representative of greedy-dogs who return to eat their own vomit. That vomit was that which they spewed out to clean up the Nation from bullies, mobster-actions and muscle men who gangland their way into the halls of government … they now violate decency!


In an act of transformation, these unwise legislators have now become disciples of President Donald Trump… who merely come to rob, steal, kill and to destroy the core-fabric of these Not-So-United States!


I humbly suggest that the United States government consider an aggressive house-cleaning! This cleaning process should reflect removing the harshness that has caused this country to be greatly divided! There must be priority regarding the stench that was derived from the deportation of families!  During this cleaning, there should be a methodology set-forth that would give youth a chance to security a quality education and a cause to live into adulthood!  An impetus from the government that would be an incentive for families to live wherever without discrimination or fear of harassment from neighbors or that of the police.


Sanity and its attributes can be accomplished… in this century, if the head of this nation would consider taking leave of nonsense and jump into the saneness that all men/woman are created equally by God, the creator of all mankind.


An awesome difference would and could take place should the government focus on youth who have fallen victim to the orchestration of crime, drugs and street violence! This second-chance would be a ‘hands up’, especially for the heroin and other devastating physical and mentally impaired!  Those sitting in congressional seats of judgment ought to remember that drugs are ‘those drugs that the U.S. government’ with or without justification allow into this country frequently by default!  Building the Trump Wall’ is yet another ‘Trump Tower’ and yet another mere distraction which will not make the difference anticipated. Change come about by a shifting of attitudes coupled with honest spiritual communications in prayer. This could be the beginning of a grand difference!


The public is currently deliberating about their hard-earned-dollars – rather eat or pay for medicine. Remedy to much of these dilemmas could be in ridding Washington, Chicago, and local political offices of puppets who dangle financial promises to them by deranged puppeteers. These puppeteers are draining tax-payers of their finances while they in-fact run quickly to the bank.


Taxpayers have just-cause to send meaningless officials into the sunset to never reenter government service! Then again, taxpayers (employer) must awaken and seek diligently to rid these United States of political loafers who swallow-up public’s tax dollars – giving inconsequential returns.  These questionable politicians sitting on the seats of complacency should first be considered for incarceration for raping the public and should thereafter stand in the unemployment line!